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City enters lease agreement for future monopole

March 13, 2008

One of the city of De Soto's east water tower's flaw is also a city asset.

City engineer Mike Brungardt said that in addition to being too small, the water tower is too high. It height unnecessarily increases pressure on water lines in the lower elevations its serves, forcing the city to install and maintain pressure dampening systems, he said.

But the water tower's height coupled with its prime location on high ground near Kansas Highway 10 has made it a much in demand place for telecommunications companies to hang antennas and eight now are mounted on the water tower giving it the look of a robotic monster from a cheap Japanese horror move but producing $58,500 in revenue annually for the city.

To avoid losing the revenue when the current water tower is replaced, the city's five-year capital improvement plan includes building a cell phone tower adjacent to the new water tower.

In the last month, City Administrator Pat Guilfoyle sought proposals from tower companies interested in entering into a lease agreement with the city to build and maintain a tower at the site not to exceed 150-feet.

The pole that tall would not require lighting to warn aircraft of its presence, Guilfoyle said.

Last Thursday, the De Soto City Council approved the recommendation of Guilfoyle, City Attorney Patrick Reavey and Brungardt the city accept a lease agreement with Selective Site Consultants Inc. of Overland Park. The proposal would have the company lease the ground from the city at $50,000 a year with more money possible if the tower draws more lease holders.

Despite the agreement, the water tower replacement and the construction of a monopole could be five years way.

Selective Site Consultants would be required to obtain a special-use permit for the monopole, Brungardt said. The permit's duration would be five-years for the first term and no more than 10 years on renewal.


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