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June 26, 2008

The De Soto United Methodist Church's youth group and its leaders are on a mission trip this week to Springfield, Mo. They will return on Saturday. They'll be working with a group there to help fix things for the elderly like ramps and do odd jobs fro them, too. We hope they have pretty weather for numerous jobs there.

¢ Don't forget the De Soto United United Methodist Church's secretary was out of the office this past week because of surgery. Janice Wilcox will be in the office Thursday morning to help out. The church's phone number is (913) 583-1359 if you need to call them.

¢ The De Soto United Methodist Church's U.M.W. is sponsoring a "Silpada" jewelry party from 6:30 to 8 am. Monday at the home of Tammy Mikinski for a benefit. They ask you to call (913) 301-3856 to RSVP. Everyone is welcome. There is a catalog on the bulletin board near the office and orders are welcome if you can't attend.

¢ The free tennis lessons will not be given until the last week of July and the first week in August. Organizers like for the children to register now so they would know the quantity of rackets and balls that will be needed. We will try and do a reminder closer to the lessons and they are free for ages 6-10 years old. If you have any questions call (913) 302-3313 for Kevin.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church was fortunate to have the Hackworth family fill a whole pew at Sunday's services. Five generations of the family was present with Darlene's mother, John and Darlene's daughter Susan and her son and her 6-week-old great-grandson.

¢ Rick Walker led the De Soto Baptist Church congregation in the song service during worship then he sang a solo of "Count Your Blessings" and Mary Etta Copeland accompanied him on the organ.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church children had children's church with a Bible study in the Fellowship Hall.

¢ My son Edwin and his wife, Jeanne, from Texas called Sunday night and told me of their granddaughter Lisa being in the Bible school program and they had the theme "Power Lab" as we did. They lost a 40-foot tree this week in their storm. They'd already lost two others in storms this year.

¢ A former De Soto resident who now lives in the eastern U.S., Sherry Logan, graduated from Morris County College in New Jersey. She graduated with high honors. Sherry is the daughter of Gary and Bonnie Logan who live here.

The Heat baseball team went to Branson, Mo., last week and won some games but lost the last one 8-7 to Arkansas. Then this week, the team won first place at the tournament in Martin City, Mo. They had three games on Saturday and Sunday. My great-grandson Hayden hit three home runs. They have a beautiful trophy with USSSA State engraved on it.

¢ I received a telephone call from former De Soto resident Louella Tillery, now in Cowgill, Mo., asking about my health problems and telling me hers. She still is looking for cookbooks.

¢ Gary and Bonnie Logan celebrated their 39th anniversary Saturday. They spent the week before camping out in southern Missouri.

¢ I was fortunate to have my friend Sandi Gulley come to my rescue this last week. She washed the windows and also did my lace curtains in my kitchen, dining room and living room. I'm glad it's done now.

¢ My sister-in-law in California called me on Thursday afternoon and asked about my health problems. She has lost sight in both eyes pretty badly. She has help from children who live near and also hired help. I told her it's my right one that's bad and have an eye doctor appointment this week.

¢ My son Michael and his friend Jim came by Wednesday after going fishing in Canada for a week with my son Jerry. He said they had rain three and a half days while there, but fished in the rain with success. Michael was going to Lawrence to see his school friend Gary Lucas, who owns a furniture store there. He has been in business there several years. He also sells the mattresses that Michael makes in Oklahoma City where he lives.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church will have a workday from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday. A lunch will be served to the workers.

¢ Among those celebrating birthdays this week are Rocky Mason, Connie Stankewsky, Adam Wilcox, Charlotte Whim, Jordan Riffel, Brian McAvoy, Sondra Martinez, Joe Kessler and Nicole Yarbrough.

¢ Anniversaries this week are Mary and Bill Plummer, Nick and Diane Taylor, John and Sharon Zoellner, Doug and Audrey Tiedeman and Jim and Katharine Ingalls.

¢ The De Soto Multi-Service Center needs tuna fish this week, as well as Spaghettios, ravioli, pudding cups, fruit cups, crackers, kool-aid, cookies and juices.

¢ Among those on the sick list are many in the community this week are Jeff Hodges, who had surgery and remains in Olathe Medical Center, and Juanita Martinez, who fell and broker her hip. She also had some heart problems while Olathe Medical Center, and she has been transferred for rehab to Shawnee's Sweet Life Rehab place. Gary Martin is still in Olathe Medical Center and is not allowed visitors but can have phone calls and cards. Merle Couch is still in the hospital at Sedalia, Mo. He had blockage in his breathing tube this week. Lawrence Allen was able to attend church on Sunday with his daughter Shawn. Leon Coker needs prayers with his recovery. Our missionaries on prayer lists at De Soto Baptist Church said that Dustin and Nikki Stewart were back in the U.S. and Lee and Tami Bramlett were busy helping the earthquake victims and need our prayers.

¢ I received a phone call this week from former De Soto resident Patty Neeland, who lives in Pittsburg. She had attended the alumni meeting on Saturday and didn't have time to stop by. She wants Debbie and me to come and spend the night.

¢ At the De Soto Relay for Life I saw a friend that comes every year for the event, Delores Baxter Lycan. I knew her when she lived in Sunflower Village. She is a survivor and had her picture in The De Soto Explorer this year with her granddaughter.


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