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July 24, 2008

De Soto United Methodist Church had in its newsletter quite a story on Ben Franklin hanging out a lantern for the light out front of his house and other neighbors soon did likewise. Minister Jerry Vaughn then likened the lantern lights to the Gospel being shared in our community and we all could be a Ben Franklin for God as the scripture says in Matthew 5:26 that says 'Let your light so shine, that glory God.'

¢ The De Soto United Methodist Church women are selling tickets for the drawing of their quilt and Boots Linden has tickets for sale. The Election Day Dinner is group's major fundraiser and will be held this year.

¢ I hope the Methodist Church vacation Bible school had a high enrollment and a great week as I did tell some little Baptist children that it was this week and they should attend it, too, and learn more about Jesus and his helpers.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church had a guest in the pulpit on Sunday. It was Clausie Smith, mayor of Bonner Springs. He does substitute teaching at school when it's in session. His message was titled, "It really is Amazing" and he used scripture we were all familiar with. He always compliments the church on the many talented people we have. Today we had Lucas Walker to lead the singing. He asked those in the back of sanctuary to move up closer to the front of church. Lucas sang a beautiful solo, "Grace Alone" and it was tremendous and was applauded.

¢ The men of the church had a good workday on Saturday. Joe Woywod thanked everyone for the work done.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church had a birthday party at Hillside Assisted Living on Friday. Those who served it and need to be thanked include: Mary Jo McDaniel, Paula Rhodes, Rosemary McAninich, Karen Wall and Trevor who brought food and supplies.

¢ The guest speaker at the Baptist Church on Sunday, July 27 will be Joe Biscoe.

¢ The primary voting is coming up on Aug. 5, which is less than two weeks away. I have already sent my absentee ballot in to the election office. You can do advance voting by mail if you apply for ballots by 5 p.m. on Aug. 1 or you can vote in person from July 22 through Aug. 2 at four different places in the county. For these places call the Johnson County Election office at 782-3441 or call me and I can give you the places. The VFW Center on 84th St. in De Soto is precinct No. 1 to vote in the western part of De Soto. The De Soto United Methodist Church will have a second voting place. The time to vote on Aug. 5 is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. If I can answer any questions call me at 585-1326.

¢ The Heat baseball team was ranked fifth in a national baseball tournament that was held at the baseball field on 87th Street last week. Forty teams competed. My great-grandson pitches some games and hits a lot of homeruns, too.

¢ Those celebrating birthdays this week are Mary Pettersch, Lelanie Taylor, Brynn McCracken, Luke Pell, Jean Hoyt, Donnie Allen, Jon Copeland and my daughter-in-law Jeanne Nalley.

¢ Bob and Wendy Olivarez are celebrating their anniversary this week.

¢ The needs at the De Soto Multi-Service Center this week are Spaghettios and other pasta foods. Next week the need is tuna fish and they always need paper goods and baby products.

¢ This week I noticed three men in city uniforms going along the street filling in the area between the street and sidewalks as rain and weather had left holes.

¢ Those on the sick list and in need of prayers continue to grow. Darlene Hackworth has been in the hospital for tests and this week she is home. Also, Jim Boney was in Olathe Medical Center but is home now after his surgery. Quinn Miller needs prayers for his recovery. Lynn Bedford, who has been in Overland Park Hospital and had knee surgery last Monday, is now at Hillside Village Nursing Home for her rehab. Claude Cowart has been diagnosed with cancer and he used to be a member of Baptist Church but now lives in Overland Park. Margaret Johnston and Kay McDaniel are on our prayer list with their health problems. The great-grandson of Freda Anderson was in the Children's Mercy Hospital and had a spider bite and is pretty sick there. My daughter-in-law Jeanne Nalley had hip surgery and is now released from hospital and has her rehab at home. Also Merle Couch and Juanita Martinez need prayers. Sympathy goes to the family of Marie Gillihan in the loss of her brother-in-law.


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