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Recycling best option

January 31, 2008


No one likes to think about where it goes. We drag it to the curb in the morning and when we get home, it is gone. Yet it has to go somewhere.

Under the new city of De Soto trash service agreement each customer will receive a 95-gallon can to wheel to the curb. If every household in De Soto were to fill that container each week, we would generate enough trash to cover the De Soto High School football field 28 feet deep each year.

We can do better. Please take this change as an opportunity to begin recycling paper, such as junk mail, printer paper, homework, newspapers, etc, and plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and tin cans in the containers at Starside and Morse Market.

Recycling saves landfill space, natural resources and energy.

Kevin Darter

De Soto


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