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January 31, 2008

The De Soto United Methodist Church's youth is asking the community to help them on their mission trip that's planned for this summer. They are asking everyone to save their Sonic receipts when you eat at the De Soto Sonic on each Sunday in February. They asked to drop them in their container in the Narthex at the church or give them to youth members or youth group leaders. I'd be glad to collect them for their mission if you'd like to give them to me, too.

¢ Ted and Scott Jones are still taking orders for the picture T-shirts at the De Soto United Methodist Church. They want the orders by Feb. 6 to complete orders by Valentine's Day. The cost is $10 for a short-sleeved and $12 for long-sleeved and sweatshirts. They'll be gray, and to order sign up or call Ted.

¢ The children's choir at De Soto United Methodist Church will resume practice at 9 a.m. Sunday. It will meet downstairs to practice for Easter services and their 150th Birthday Celebration.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church youth is having a "Souperbowl" of soup Sunday after worship services at noon. The funds from the sale of their many soups will go to the Libby Stone family to help with living expenses in Pittsburgh, Pa. Libby is still recovering from her liver transplant and her mother, Is still, is staying with her.

¢ There are sign-up sheets on the bulletin board at De Soto Baptist Church asking for articles needed in the kitchen. There are many things listed. There are also many bowls and dishes that are on the south cabinet at the church. If you've taken a dish of food out there to dinners or funerals and never picked up your dish you need to look at the collection and take yours home.

¢ My son, Edwin, and his wife, Jeanne, Texas, called me Sunday evening and told me how pretty the weather was there. Also next Saturday is the dance for fathers and daughters, and grandfathers and granddaughters. He said there would be about 600 people there. He's taking Lisa. Their church was collecting food for their food pantry they run and their church was having a Superbowl party and also a Sweetheart Banquet for adults on Valentine's Day.

¢ The Relay for Life had a meeting Jan. 27 at the De Soto United Methodist Church to start organizing for the event to be held in June.

¢ My son, Jerry, called me on Sunday and told me he and his wife, Linda, were in New Orleans. One of their friends was in the parade they were having there and he'd be back Monday night.

¢ My son, Carlin, and wife, Nancy, Illinois, called me a couple times this last week asking about my health problems and the weather here. He said it takes longer to go from downtown Chicago to the airport than it took for the airplane to fly from the airport to Florida, as the roads up there had snow, ice and such with temperatures around zero. Also he said he generally drives to his son's house in 40 minutes and it took an hour and a half.

¢ My son, Mike, called me from Oklahoma Saturday evening and told me they had open house at his orthopedic mattress factory Friday. It was well attended. He has been in this business for 26 years and he was leaving this week to go to Las Vegas to a furniture market. He has some furniture stores too. Gary Lucas carries his mattresses and other things at his store in Lawrence.

¢ My great-grandson's baseball team, "The Heat," has been having ball practice the last two Sunday afternoons in an enclosed building. Last Sunday it was here in De Soto at the city basketball court and this week it was out near the 3-2 Ball Field in a building.

¢ A baby shower for the new baby boy of Jayme Wall Nelson will be from 4 to 6 p.m. Feb. 10 in the Fellowship Hall at De Soto Baptist Church. Everyone is invited to attend this special event. For any questions, call one of the following hostesses: Mary Etta Copeland; Richelle Hodges; Mary Jo McDaniels or Anita Woywod. They'll tell you the needed list. His nursery is in Peter Rabbit decor and the coloring is soft green and white.

¢ The eighth-grade boys basketball team played Mill Creek basketball team Thursday. The A team from Lexington Trails won by a score of 52-14, and the B team beat Mill Creek 49-8. My great-grandson, Hayden, was able to play after recovering from pneumonia.

¢ Corrections I need to make in last week's Explorer are that the church Pleasant Hour meets every month on the third Tuesday, and my great-granddaughter in Illinois turned five years old on her birthday.

¢ Those having birthdays this week are: Katherine Neis; Susan Plummer; Gene Dettmer; Barbara Buckley; Jonathan Wasson; Bob Linden; Jessica Reed; Julie Riffel; Mason Griffin; Leslie Hodges and my friend, Florene McMillian had one Jan. 7 and I wish her a belated happy birthday.

¢ Those celebrating anniversaries this week are: Richard and Mary Etta Copeland; Leon and Myrtle Coker and Leland and Beverly Jones.

¢ The need at the De Soto community food pantry is macaroni and cheese. Also Jodi needs jelly to go with peanut butter and also needs spaghetti, spaghetti sauce and paper goods with any baby products and next week there is a call for canned tuna.

¢ My missing bag hasn't been returned yet and I had all new locks put on my three doors last week. There'll be no more not locking doors here. There were very important papers in the bag, too.

¢ I've got doctor's appointments this week. I've been having an upset stomach. It leaves me real weak. I wish it didn't happen every day. I've prayed about it and thanked the Lord when I get through a day without all of it. My doctor referred me to a specialist I need to see, or I need to go to the emergency room. I made an appointment with the specialist for this week, and then I'm seeing an eye doctor, too. I know my vision is worse. I've had to use my hand-held magnifying glass to read the newspaper lately.

¢ I talked with Laura Long Sunday evening. She called me from the Nursing Center in Gardner and said she was doing okay there and inquired of De Soto community members. Leon Coker is seeing doctors this week and did last week, too. His daughter, Mary, took him and Myrtle said they also went for a ride Sunday afternoon because the weather was beautiful.

¢ Sally Allen has made some progress. She doesn't see well and fell out of bed recently at the Hillside Village Nursing Center. Also Dorothy Ashley suffered a fall there recently.

¢ Leonard Paxton had hip replacement surgery at Menorah Hospital this past week. Also remember in prayer the niece of the Steve Vorhies family that lives in Florida and is seriously ill. Also, remember the father of Jamie Towners and the mother of Cheryl Towner. Sally Schrader was able to attend church Sunday. Richard Epperson had a good report this week on his health problems.

¢ Sympathy goes to the family of Lymetta Millican in her passing this week. Services were Saturday at the Amus Funeral Home, Shawnee. The De Soto Baptist Church served the family a luncheon following the services. The Rev. Richard Copeland conducted the funeral service.


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