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January 24, 2008

The De Soto United Methodist Church's youth group plans to have another Bingo Night March 8 for its mission trip this summer. In past years the youth group has done mission work in Denver, El Paso, Tex. and Garden City. They will accept donations of gifts for the bingo games and questions are directed to Larry Cox at 782-4059 or Brenda Crisco at 782-8769.

¢ Scott and Ted Jones of the De Soto United Methodist Church are offering to put your picture on a T-shirt. The shirts will be gray. A regular shirt is $10. Long-sleeved shirts and sweatshirts are $12. The Jones' can be reached at (913) 856-4873. They would like orders by Feb. 6, in order to distribute the shirts by Valentine's Day.

¢ The children's choir at De Soto United Methodist Church will resume practice on Feb. 3 at 9 a.m. to sing for the Easter service and the 150th birthday celebration. They invite all children to join.

¢ The Opdyckes had a visitor with them at church today. She is a teacher from South America. She'll be here in the school system for a month, they said.

¢ My friend Lydia McGrew went grocery shopping for me this past week. She also helped search for my missing item and my son, Jerry, came on Wednesday and did a thorough search and had no luck in finding it. I have also searched and prayed to no avail.

¢ My friend, Mary Alley, came Sunday evening and brought me enough food to last awhile. I told her we'd put off cleaning until later.

¢ The needs at the Multi-Service Center here in De Soto this week are Spaghetti O's, spaghetti sauce and jelly, with next week's being any kind of cereal and macaroni and cheese.

¢ Several people have been absent from the Wednesday morning Bible study because of the weather.

¢ The Willow Springs FCE cancelled their meeting that they'd booked for last Thursday because of weather conditions. They postponed it until Tuesday, Jan. 22. Dorothy Nalley was the hostess and Reta Jenks, president, had to go for two units of blood then she had an eye appointment Friday so they'll wait and see what the weather does.

¢ The Pleasant Hour club, which meets the third Tuesday of the month, cancelled its January meeting all together and won't meet until February.

¢ Sally Allen is still in the Hillside Village Nursing Center and hasn't made much progress in her recovery. Also the McDowells are having some health problems and have been in Hillside for rehab.

¢ I had a report from a church member that said 12 out of the 16 people in their church reporting to have cancer were children and they fear the cancer was not getting conquered.

¢ I received a lot of pretty birthday cards including belated ones. I also received a pretty get well card from the A.B.W. group at the De Soto Baptist Church. Paula Rhodes brought me the program sheet. She also made me a bird seed ornament that she hung on the east side of my house where I can see it through the window.

¢ The A.B.W. at De Soto Baptist Church is having a kitchen shower for its kitchen. There is a sign-up sheet for items that are needed in the kitchen. The shower will end on Feb. 17. There is a container in the church's vestibule in which the items can be dropped.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church's Sweetheart Banquet is Feb. 17, with the men in charge this year. The couple that has been married the longest (that is present) will be elected king and queen that night. Also the couple that has been married the least number of years will receive a bouquet of flowers.

¢ Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Reta Kurtz; Phyllis Isaac; Dorothy Kibbee; Randal Bassett; Doris Thompson; Bernice Thorton; my former neighbor here in De Soto who now lives in Illinois; Gary Lucas; Shirley Weller Haynes; Erica Rains; Gladys Bowlin; Jim Plummer; Patti McVoy; Heather Willhite; Chuck Linden; Susan Plummer; Robert Martinez; Kristen Crosbie; my friend and a church garage sale helper, Faye Burkhardt, who now is in Hillside Village and my great-granddaughter, Margaret Mary who lives in Illinois and is 3 years old now.

¢ Those celebrating anniversaries are Scott and Ted Jones, Merle and Beth Couch and Jim and Reba Berola.

¢ Sunday is Brown Bag Sunday at De Soto Baptist Church. This is an A.B.W. project with someone holding a bag for donations. As you leave the Church you can contribute to this fund for the De Soto Multi-Service Center to help Jodi pay for medicine and utilities to help her clients out.

¢ My son, Carlin, called me from Illinois last Tuesday checking on my health. He told me of their bad weather going on up there, and about their ball games.

¢ My son, Edwin, and his wife, Jeanne, Texas, called me Sunday night to see if the last bag was found that's missing here. I told them no and organized a search that yielded nothing. He said my great-grandson, Marty, played ice hockey in Dallas and lost to a Colorado team. Marty is Mike's grandson. They plan to play in Chicago in two weeks.

¢ Sunday, the De Soto Baptist Church had a good report on Libby Stones' progress after her liver transplant. She'll be in Pittsburg for recovery until the Feb. 23 or 24. She still needs prayers every day and the family appreciates all of them. Sally Schrader had more tests done at the hospital at Overland Park this past week. Because of the daughter's (Beverly) insistence on all the reports she didn't get done the first time. She was there two weeks ago. Also the 9-year-old niece that has been on the prayer list the past two weeks is still a concern. It's a niece of Steve and Jenny Yoohieves. Also my great-grandson, Hayden, is better. He missed a week of school with his pneumonia and in four days lost 13 pounds. He was ordered by the doctor not to run any in his sports. I also had a bad week with an upset stomach. I did get to go to Sunday school and church Sunday and began to feel close to normal. Leon Coker spent this past week at St. Luke's Hospital. He was in a lot of pain, he said. He also said the cancer they found was inoperable by now. Leon and his wife, Myrtle, are involved in many activities in town and in their church. He needs prayer.


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