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Felony crime down in De Soto in 2007

January 24, 2008

Johnson County Sheriff's deputies were called on to make fewer arrest for serious crimes in De Soto in 2007 than the preceding but wrote far more citations for misdemeanor officies, according to a year-end report.

The annual report tracks the Johnson County Sheriff's Office's responses in two different criminal categories: Felonies and serious misdemeanors charged through Johnson County District Court and less serious misdemeanor offenses handled by De Soto Municipal Court.

Those crimes in the first category include such offenses as arson, rape, battery and assault while the non-felony offenses forwarded to the city include such things as first-time driving under the influence tickets, disorderly conduct, curfew violations and liquor law citations.

Final numbers show reports filed for serious crime declined from 275 in 2006 to 214 in 2007, a 22 percent drop. Also declining were violent crimes like forcible rape, assault and battery. However, De Soto did see its first homicide case since 2001.

By contrast, deputies filed reports for 198 misdemeanor offense last year, which was 17 more than in 2006.

Arrests for driving while intoxicated was the most numerous of the misdemeanor offenses with 50 arrests reported. That was 11 more than in 2006 or a 28 percent increase.

Overall, deputies answered 1,466 calls for everything from reported prowlers, to animal problems to domestic disputes to 911 hangups in 2007. Deputies responded to 1,600 such calls the previous year.

Sheriff's deputies wrote nearly the same amount of tickets in De Soto in 2007 as they did the previous 12 months. The reports show 1,616 traffic tickets were issued in the city last year compared to 1,626 in 2006.

Speeding tickets were the most common citation written at 773. That compared to 704 the previous year. Many of those tickets were issued to motorists on Kansas Highway 10.

There were 12 injury accidents last year in De Soto compared to 11 in 2006, but the number of accidents overall declined from 87 to 70. Some of the decline can be attributed to the traffic signal at Lexington Avenue and Commerce Drive, where only one accident was reported since its installation.


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