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February 21, 2008

The De Soto United Methodist Church youth has only one more Sunday in February to collect the food receipts at the De Soto Sonic. They will give the youth 10 percent of each ticket on the last Sunday in February for a fundraiser for the youth. So save your receipt on that day for them.

¢ The De Soto United Methodist youth is having a "Bingo Night" from 6 to 9 p.m. March 18. Many local businesses and individuals have donated to this youth fundraiser to go this summer to the Springfield, Mo., area to do community work for the disabled and elderly. They went last year to Garden City, and to the Lydia Patterson Institue in El Paso, Tex.

They would appreciate the community's attendance very much and also donations. If you'd like for your donation to be picked up please call youth leaders Larry Cox at (913) 782-4059 or Brenda Crisco at (913) 782-8769.

The cost to play bingo is $10 for the night for adults, and $5 for children. They'll have baby-sitting accommodations for the young children.

¢ At the De Soto Baptist Church, many members were unable to attend worship and Sunday school Feb. 17, because of the weather. I called Saturday eveing when I heard forecast and cancelled my Sunday school class. Those attending went up into the Senior High Class. The youth filled the choir loft, and did a special, "The King of Love My Shephard Is." Tami Reeves was the director.

¢ Rebekah Gulley and Kyndel Reeves were the worship leaders Sunday, Feb. 17 at De Soto Baptist Church.

¢ My great-grandson, Hayden, didn't let the snow keep him from Sunday school and church on Sunday. He walked from my house to the Baptist Church then after church he walked home and changed his clothes and went with his baseball manager, Eric Schupp to practice ball east of town near Shawnee Park.

¢ The Pleasant Hour Club will meet Thursday, Feb. 21, at the De Soto United Methodist Church's Fellowship hall for a luncheon with Lois Lynn and Frances Lawhead as hostesses. Their program is to be a silent auction. They're hoping for good weather for all attendees.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church's Sweetheart Banquet was cancelled Sunday evening. They plan to reschedule it for 6 p.m., Feb. 24 in Fellowship Hall. The men of the church are in charge, and Charles Lawhead is chair. If you'd like to buy a ticket, they are for sale. They cost $15 per couple, or $5 for senior citizens.

¢ The Kaw Valley Sportsman Club had its annual Wild Game Dinner at the V.F.W. Hall on Penner Avenue on Sunday. Because of weather conditions several were unable to attend. They said about 40 to 45 made it. The speaker was Terry Zahner, who is not the chief at Fire Station No. 3 on Kill Creek Road. Terry has been a member of the Olathe Firemen's Organization for many years and he retired form there and took on this new job here in our community. This is the first year I missed the dinner as Luther was a member and our son Jerry is still a member.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church had a guest speaker Sunday, during the morning services. He was Jim Bell with the Gideon Bible International Services out of Olathe. They place Bibles in rest homes, hospitals and in community centers for those who are unable to buy a Bible for themselves. I have a son, Edwin, in Texas who serves his area and goes to many churches and presents their program.

¢ I was fortunate enough to receive a large bag of Valentine's Day candies and a card with all attendees of the Silver Circle of the De Soto United Methodist Church. I felt elated when Charlotte Whimm brought it.

¢ Sunday is U.M.W. at De Soto United Methodist Church. The guest speaker will be Lorna Moore, a former resident of Topeka Correctional Facility. There will be a reception between the two services. They ask members to bring finger foods to share. Also, Jodi Hitchcock will be visiting that day, too, so they're asking everyone to fill the grocery cart for her.

¢ My son Jerry and wife, Linda Nalley, went to Mexico this past week to go fishing. His cousin in Oregon had been down there and had some good catches, so he wanted to see if he couldn't beat her luck. So they were out of town and couldn't attend the wild game dinner. He did donate fishing gear for their raffles. I also gave them some Avon products for their fundraisers.

¢ My son Michael called me Sunday evening and gave a report on their rain in Oklahoma and told me of his grandson's ice hockey games in Chicago this weekend. Matthew's team won one game Friday, two Saturday and one Sunday. They lost one game Saturday. Michael is going this week to Tueplo, Miss., to a furniture collection.

¢ The eighth-grade baskeball team had a tournament Thursday, Feb. 14. They won one game and lost one game.

¢ The Wednesday Bible Study group met Wednesday. We are in the Book of Revelation. Anyone is invited to come study with us.

¢ My son, Carlin, form Illinois called this week to complain of their weather. He also had his granddaughter on the phone with me, too.

¢ I received lots of good pictures of great-grandchildren and families with my Valentine's Day cards. Thanks to all.

¢ Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Leona Robinson; Norma Long Hoffer; Mary Bicklemeyer Jr.; Casey Fitzgerald; Debbie Maniez; Carey Bowers; John Adams; Cody Towner; Junior Maness; Lindsay Thompson; Patricia McAninch; and my great-grandson, Keven Modelski in Illinois; Patti Plummer; Tabitha Plummer and Kayla Ann Payne.

¢ Those celebrating anniversaries are: Phillip and Jean Dettmer; Roff and Gayle Moriaraty and Jim and Marily Etherton.

¢ I hear there were quite a few attending the brakfast and lunch at the JT Grill on Sunday, and handing in their church's bulletin and getting 10 percent off of their food costs.

¢ The De Soto community pantry needs rice this week. Next week the call is for any kind of cereal, as well as paper goods and spaghetti or any type of pasta.

¢ My son Edwin and wife, Jeanne, called me Sunday night from Texas. They asked about my health and caught me up on their family news. Their granddaughter Lisa had spent a week with them because her folks were overseas in Amsterdam visiting friends. They sent me many pictures with their Valentine's greetings.

¢ My great-granddaughter in Texas that is about seven years old called me Sunday afternoon to see how I was feeling. We had a good visit and I felt humored.

¢ The AB Girls and AB Boys will have a meeting from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 20 at the Baptist church. The last meeing was cancelled because of inclement weather.

¢ Among those on the sick list this week are:. Sally Allen at Hillside Village isn't well an d is running a temperature and not eating well. Bob Welch was able to come home this past week. Dorothy Ashley at Hillside Village isn't doing well either. Kelly Hayden's mother is in Overland Park Regional Medical Center and in need of our prayers. Linda Lane's mother is in a hospital in Texas with a brain tumor. I've had an upset stomach of late.

¢ Sympathy goes to the family of Ray N. Mandich is his loss. Services are at 4 p.m. Thursday at Cedar Crest.

¢ Sympathy also goes to Esther Ellis's family. Memorial services are at 2 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 23 at Cedar Crest.


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