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Christmas lifts spirits dulled by darkness

December 23, 2008

Christmas comes during the gloomiest part of the year. The short spans of daylight are consumed by the hours at the office or workplace, leaving little but darkness — and this year — frigid cold for our free time.

But Christmas does provide a respite from this recipe for despair. Yes, part of it is the frenzied commercial aspect of the holiday that forces us out of the home cocoon in the early weeks of December to mix with so may others shopping for friends and family. But it is the magic of the season that seeps in as Christmas day approaches that provides a healthier antidote to the seasonal depression. It happens at the moment when we start to hear Christmas carols as more than advertising jingles and decorations as more than neighborhood competitions. It is that moment when we start to experience the inspiration behind the season’s annual trappings that have been handed down through generations.

It is a reflection of the “love, generosity and devotion” Francis Pharcellus Church famously said brought life its “highest beauty and joy” in his editorial response to an 8-year-old Virginia O’Hanlon.

To all who are too harried to yet again be overtaken by that Christmas epiphany, be patient. It’s coming with its peaceful contentment that recharges the soul for another year. It’s coming with an empathy for all and a sincere desire for peace on earth that maybe could be realized if we could all just realize the better selves we sometimes discover.

We wish all a merry Christmas and the hope the uplifting message of the season is captured for more than a day.


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