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DHS students dodge for a cause

April 3, 2008

Neon balls whizzed through the air at De Soto High School last Wednesday, as students raised money to benefit the Tara Dalton family with a dodgeball tournament.

The tournament was sponsored by the Leaders in Teen Education team and was the fourth year the school had such an event.

Eight teams played seven times each for a total of 28 rounds. To participate, students had to pay $5 per person for a total of about $30 per team. Spectators to the event paid $1. By the end of the night, $319 was collected for the Dalton family. Dalton had heart bypass surgery in late January from complications from childbirth.

Jennifer Sosna, media specialist and LITE team adviser, said this was the first time the club had done a bigger project. Usually, the tournament benefits one of the clubs in the school, she said.

"Initially we were supposed to be for character education, but we kind of took on a service direction where we do service projects," she said.

Junior Austin Thompson about mid-way through the tournament said that he had mixed feelings about his team's performance.

He was part of team Evolution who started out with a 1-2 record.

"That last game we should have won," he said.

Thompson said his team was made up of friends who wanted to have fun while helping out a good cause.

"We went to school with (Dalton's) sister," he said.

Senior Brady Maasen jumped back from a ball as it flew by him and took a step forward to lob a ball at his opponent.

Brady was part of team Hit It and Quit It that consisted of all seniors and mostly baseball team members.

"We won a couple of years ago and last year we thought we'd continue the streak," he said.

Brady said his team didn't have a strategy going in, except to win.

"We all play baseball so it just comes pretty natural," he said. "Our next game is going to be the most challenging game of the night."

The game was against the Raging Bumblebees, who eventually tied for second place in the tournament along with Evolution. Hit It and Quit It took first with a 6-1 record.

Senior Shane Miller said Hit It and Quit It's success came down to the team's athleticism as everyone on the team was a baseball player except for one.

Senior Jake Collier had a message for the rest of the dodgeball teams.

"Everybody love everybody," he said. "That's our team quote."

Sosna said the winning team got to eat pizza for lunch.


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