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Market’s closing will leave gap

September 20, 2007

How many times have you walked into Morse Market and heard the infectious laugh of Marge Morse and seen that ear-to-ear smile of Ted Morse?

Remember the good-natured kidding and small talk about your health and family from both? How many times have Georgia, Don and Rick sacked your groceries or helped you find a particular item's location in the store? Have you noticed cashier Sarah's smile and friendly disposition? How many times has Tony the butcher or Jeff, Ted and Marge's son dropped what they were doing to cut special meat orders for you? How many times has Jennifer, Ted and Marge's daughter dished up your deli meal with a smile as big as her dad's? Have you not noticed that more often than not they all called you by your first name?

By now most in town know Ted and Marge are close to closing the market. Having known them for only a couple of years I have grown quite fond of them as they are kind people who support and believe in the city of De Soto. I have watched them give to the less fortunate and donate to every organization that walked through the door with their hand out, and the town supports them by shopping elsewhere. I know the first thing the good citizens will say "Their prices are high. I can get it cheaper at Wal-Mart."

That may be true since they don't buy by the train load. Since they have to pay more for their product, naturally they have to pass it on. The way I figure, a trip to Wal-Mart is 40 minutes driving time at $4 for gas, plus wear and tear on the car, which in my book pretty much evens out the higher price.

What amazes me is why the city leaders are more concerned with pouring money down a rat hole described as a park in a flood zone than trying to figure out what can be done to help keep our grocery store open.

Where are the Chamber of Commerce, the banks and other business concerns that should be trying to help Ted and Marge and the community by stepping up to the plate to find a way to keep the store open.

People of De Soto don't realize yet what the closing of the store will bring in the near future. Not only will jobs be lost and lives disrupted, but loads of older and poorer customers will be forced to find other means to get groceries. When you need those little things for your dinner or party, it will be a road trip. Or you can always make a trip to the convenience store if they have it and pay higher prices than the market.

Businesses are the backbone of any city. When they are forced to close for non-support, it's only a matter of time before the town dies. The chamber and city leaders all put on a good front about attracting business to De Soto yet they are unable or unwilling to help after they get them in the fold. Any new business doing it's homework will be quick to spot this disappointing trait.

For myself I will miss the faces of a bunch of the finest people I have ever had the occasion to meet.

Ted and Marge, God bless and thanks for all you've done.

Bill Trimble

De Soto

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