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Conservation is supposed to pay

September 6, 2007

To the 200 odd people who voted for me in the last city council election, thank you.

Let me tell you what I'm going to do now. I am leaving my car running. I am leaving my lights on all through the house 24 hours a day. I am going to let some water leak 24/7 on my parched grass.

This ought to stem the tide of price increases for De Soto residents who conserve.

We used less water. I thought we were supposed to do stuff like that. Now I find out if we use less water we have to pay more. Oxydol or oxymoron one of those words comes to mind.

Now I have always put my garbage at the curb in a wheeled plastic container. I don't know whether to stop to keep my rates down or add another. I see that if recycling is approved the Rotary Club will no longer have access to newspaper that has funded thousands of dollars of local projects. So now we will pay more for garbage and have to take up the slack left by a large Rotary Club fundraiser. I am sure they (Rotary) will appreciate more paper, but I am not sure it will keep fees down. I am really confused on how we can keep living in De Soto affordable.

Oh yeah, property taxes are going up partly because of a consolidation of fire services. I will now admit to not having set fire to my house or using any emergency services last year. I better get busy or rates might go up further. School taxes likely will go up if or when the school bond is passed. Please tell me I don't have to have children to stem that tide. To the 200 or so who know me, you know that would be a very bad solution.

Will the last person leaving De Soto leave the lights on or off? I think you can leave the water running. It's running some where. But that's for another day.

Kirk Johnson

De Soto

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