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Bond would hurt fixed incomes

September 6, 2007

The De Soto USD 232 bond referendum brings a chuckle to my senses because the board does not have their act together and as a result they spend valuable taxpayer money on sending pieces of information (for which they have to send correction statements).

The whole bond agenda is mostly an ego issue rather than a genuine need issue. There are people clamoring for bigger theaters, gymnasiums and artificial turf (on which the district staff has expressed varying points of whether it is a good idea to pursue). Then we have referendum Question 1, which is for bigger classrooms and this is being justified "by some economic forecasts and past history of growth, which may occur or not occur" (Economics is a probability science and is just like wagering in Vegas).

All in all, I believe this whole agenda is pursued without regards to troubling increases in property taxes on values of houses that already are selling below so called "appraised values (on which property taxes are based), thus causing severe hardship on folks who are living on Social Security like me.

Firoze Hasan


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