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No eminent domain

October 25, 2007

For the past several weeks we all have been reading letters from an individual about how bad everything is in De Soto and that the city government, chamber of commerce and De Soto Economic Development Council can do nothing right. This individual is entitled to those opinions, but after weeks of complaining about all the wrongs we do in this town, we have never once heard ideas from him to correct the problem. Instead of complaining, step up and do something about all the problems you say we have.

Individuals who choose to set back and complain without offering any fresh ideas, your complaints help no one.

There has never been one comment from the council about condemning properties in the downtown area. The council will not use eminent domain to move forward with our downtown revitalization program. Get your facts straight. This will be a joint effort with local real estate owners and if they choose not to do anything with their building, that's their choice. We will be glad to work around them to spruce up the rest of the area. Again, instead of complaining, what's your grand plan? The way I look at it, if we don't do something in the near future to attract people to our downtown, it will be lost forever. That's why we are being proactive.

I forgot to mention, we are able to do all of this without raising taxes one cent.

Please don't believe all the letters about how everything is gloom and doom in De Soto. It is the exact opposite. The city is in the best financial shape we have ever been. We are able to add projects like the river front park and downtown revitalization without raising taxes. The chamber and EDC have seen record-breaking membership numbers over the past several years while bringing in community events like the Blues and BBQ event at Kill Creek Farm.

I encourage everyone to get involved so we can get De Soto moving in the right direction.

Mike Drennon

De Soto City councilman

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