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Phone problems persist at DHS

October 11, 2007

Teachers at De Soto High School still are without phones in their classrooms.

A lighting strike during a storm last month disrupted the phone service at the school. Although parents calling in won't notice much of a difference calling the main phone line, there are still few lines available to the school.

USD 232 technology director Jeff Mildner said the damaged phone lines moved up the installation of the district's new phone system that were scheduled to be installed by the end of the school year.

However, the district faced a snag during installation that has prolonged the process, Mildner said.

The district is trying to power the phones over the ethernet but some of the phones are not powering up properly.

"We are trying to figure out why it is not working when some of our key partners say it should be working," he said.

Mildner was not able to give a timeline for when all teachers' phonelines would be working, but he said another solution would be found if power over the ethernet was not able to be restored.

The district has the ability to purchase an external power source for each phone for $28 per device.

However, that option is costly and wouldn't last as long, Mildner said.

"We are not going to plow ahead and put something in place that is just going to work for a short period of time but is going to cause problems down the road," he said.

In the meantime, the office staff is handling the phone calls.

"We've pushed through and made it work," Principal Dave Morford said. "We still have intercom service so we can go that way or we can walk down the hall."

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