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Exploring the Past/De Soto History

October 11, 2007

5 years ago


October 2002

The first incidence of West Nile virus in De Soto was confirmed.

De Soto veterinarian Matthew VanderVelde said he tentatively diagnosed a horse with the virus after treating the animal Sept. 21. Kansas State University confirmed the diagnosis Sept. 24 through blood samples.

The 25-year-old Tennessee walking horse had to be destroyed, VanderVelde said.

De Soto USD 232 enrollment increased

11.56 percent from the previous year according to official figures the district sent to the state the week before.

Enrollment numbers from Sept. 20 were used to figure state per-pupil aid. To do so, the state doesn't use actual head counts, but a so-called full-time equivalent figure that counts kindergarten students at

50 percent and gives extra weighting for a host of circumstances, such as special education students and those attending new classrooms.

The district's actual headcount was 4,107 students.

The De Soto Parks and Recreation Commission planned to share a design for a new pool with the community at a special city council meeting, as it began a drive for a targeted April bond referendum.

The preliminary design on view at the meeting would be built on the old football field south of the community center. It was estimated the pool would cost between $1.5 million and $1.9 million. That price tag, according to Mitra Templin, who headed a special pool committee appointed by the De Soto Parks and Recreation Commission, would include the expense of extending a street through the community center grounds and the cost of demolishing or filling the current Miller Park pool.

  • Sue and Don Allen celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a reception at the De Soto Community Center.

  • De Soto USD 232 teacher Jada Kohlmeier was selected as a finalist for Kansas Teacher of the Year and would represent Congressional District No. 3 in the state competition later in the fall.

53 years ago


September 1954

Senior class officers at De Soto Rural High School for the 1954-55 term were Neil Dye, president; Ruth Scott, vice president; and Joyce Caldwell, secretary-treasurer. Junior class officers were Jim Payne, president; Keith Parker, vice president; Carol Feese, secretary; and Frances McConkey, treasurer. Sophomores elected were David Sharp, president; Evalene Smith, vice president; Billie Caldwell, secretary; and Rosemary Stan, treasurer.

Mary Herrick was the sponsor for the seniors. Dorothy Baldwin was the junior class sponsor and Edward Yaktine was the sponsor for the sophomores.

School lunches at the De Soto Grade School were attracting a large number of students each day. Reports of 180 students were being served.

Agnes Linden, Mabel McMillen and Emma Cobb planned, cooked and cleaned up after the meals.

Harold Hoffine, who was in the Army and had been stationed at New Orleans, was visiting his sister, Mrs. Wayne Dibble and family and his mother, Alice Hoffine, at Linwood. His family accompanied him.

When returning, Harold and his family would go to Norfolk, Va. He would then go across and be in overseas duty. His family would stay in Norfolk.

  • De Soto Rural High School graduate Don Morriss, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Morriss of Sunflower, enrolled at Kansas University. He had recently returned from a vacation in California and Old Mexico.

  • Donald Jewett was sporting a new light cream colored 1954 Ford with all the extras.

  • Little 2-1/2 year old Connie McKay, who suffered a broken right arm and other injuries when a car knocked her down three weeks before, returned from the hospital and was doing well.

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