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Willow Springs FCE meeting notes

October 4, 2007

The Willow Springs FCE met Sept. 14 in the fellowship hall at De Soto Baptist Church with Reta Jenks as the hostess. The decorations carried a red, white and blue theme.

Each member brought paper goods to donate to the De Soto Multi-Service Center. Rosemary McAninch will deliver them.

Roll call was answered by naming "What is your ancestors background and what state were you born in?" One answer was a royalty background from England.

Several members were unable to attend because of health problems.

Dorothy Nalley gave the table grace before the meal.

The "pig" that was brought by Reta Jenks was won by Dorothy Nalley. It was a woven basket with linen towels. The "pig" brought by ElFreeda Payton was won by Leota Fruit. It was a cosmetic packet.

Community hours given was 53.

The treasurer's report was given as well as a church collection.

Leona Robinson gave the lesson on "Building Bridges Within Our Community." She passed out sheets on the subject of discrimination and the group talked about the different backgrounds in the De Soto community.

Many of the members present filled out 2008 membership forms and paid dues. Rosemary McAninch also paid her birthday dues.

The meeting was adjourned with council representatives needed.

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