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River front park no draw

October 4, 2007

Evidently, my letter The De Soto Explorer recently on Morse Market closing offended one of its readers. Maybe it was poor communication on my part. The reader I assume thought I meant to use the park money to subsidize the store. That wasn't the case. The gist of the letter was the lack of concern from government and business leaders for the closing of the grocery store and more concern for a river front park.

I'm really impressed by big words like capitalistic society, blame game, appropriate and accurate assertions. I suppose next I'll be accused of driving a paisley Volkswagen van; shades of the 1960s. If the writer thinks that city leaders were ignoring the concern over loss of the store isn't accurate or appropriate, please tell me where and when any spoke out publicly, despite knowing for a year the store would close. The answer is zero. The only public mention of the store by any city leader was made in the last issue of The De Soto Explorer the day the store closed.

The writer's that's-the-way-the-cookie-crumbles attitude is what's wrong with America. Growing up in the 1950s and '60s, we supported our town's business community. Government and other business concerns bought locally. If the product was available, we spent our money in our town. In no way did I place blame on city leaders for the stores closure nor expect financial aid It was only its lack of concern.

Visionaries are people who see things that aren't really there and a realist will see things as they really are. Some city leaders see a river front park filled with people listening to concerts and little kids playing in the sand pile with people spending money in town hand over fist. What others see and hear is the drone of mosquitoes, the smell of dead fish, and non use after the new wears off and cleanup after it floods. Let's face it, building a park in a flood plain makes about as much sense as building a glass house on a driving range.

Sure it may only flood every 56 years according to the writer or as recent as 1993 according to my sources, but all it would take is one good flood and the cost of cleanup and replacement could equal the original cost of the project. I propose if a park is so important to the town we should let the people vote on it. We could mail out ballots to the citizens and see if they want to dump six figures worth of the city money on a park. Fat chance that happens.

City leaders and those who believe if they build this park of dreams "people will come," well folks, to be blunt it ain't gonna happen. In time the park will be nothing more than an extra place for city workers to mow. When a business decides to build or people decide to buy homes they look at schools, safety, housing, tax breaks and shopping, not parks. If anyone believes that this park will revitalize downtown or bring in untold wealth then I've got a bridge I'll sell you real cheap.

I suggest that those city leaders who support this park adopt this song to be played at the parks grand opening "Three Blind Mice." After all there is nothing like a little slapstick comedy to make ones day.

"Hey Moe, I'm trying to think but nothing's happening."

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

Bill Trimble

De Soto

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