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New containers first of many coming changes in waste policy

November 29, 2007

With the start of the new year, Weldon Enterprises Inc. of Eudora will distribute 95-gallon wheeled trash containers to De Soto residents. After a transition period, the company only will service the containers and leave trash placed in other trash cans or bags at the curb (although the trash service will continue its once month large item pickup).

There is sure to be some protest, as there usually is when people are asked to make changes. That especially can be true because the change is forced and comes with an added price tag of $2.25 a month.

At a recent De Soto City Council meeting, a representative from Weldon Enterprises candidly said the new service was, in part, meant to change people's habits although he argued the 95-gallon containers were adequate in nearly all cases. Residents would have to learn to break down boxes and use the recycling bin the city provides in the parking lot of the former Morses' Market, the Weldon representative said.

Apparently, Weldon will not be the lone messenger of change.

As Johnson County considers strategies to slow the rapid filling of existing landfills -- the Johnson County Landfill in Shawnee to which De Soto's waste is transported could fill by 2017 -- further changes are on the way. And those, according to a recent story in The Kansas City Star, include charging people for how much they dispose in the county's rapidly filling landfills. That alone would be an added incentive for recycling but additional rewards for that activity also is said to be among the considerations.

When the current landfills close, it's going to either cost all county residents more to ship waste farther or De Soto area residents could find it be buried closer than they might like as northwest Johnson County is one of the places in the county empty enough to locate a new landfill.

As residents will learn when they receive the new containers, 95 gallons is a lot of trash. The new containers' capacity ought not be a problem if residents do what they already should be doing.

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