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Clarity lacking

November 21, 2007

After reading the editorial in the Nov. 15 De Soto Explorer about basing the Starside Elementary School project on need and cost, I was confused about some points.

The editorial stated: "As for need, there is little question the school is the No.1 priority in the district, although that could change as early as next year with the enrollment growth at Mill Valley High School."

Why could the change of enrollment growth at Mill Valley High School influence the Starside expansion? I feel like I'm missing the not so obvious point.

The editorial went on to state: The need at Starside is for classroom space, not legitimate -- but sometimes disparaged -- room for band or athletics."

Just what was this sentence to convey? I read it several times and it just hurts each time as I try to understand the writer's point.

Further on, the editorial read: "What's troubling was talk among board members during the Starside discussion of De Soto's history of not supporting bond issues. On one level, that's meaningless. Once passed, De Soto residents have no choice but to support all bond issues."

Just what is so troubling about the board members discussing bond issue history?

I guess this is the kind of article you get when you take a number of sentences from a number of reports and combine them together to make one new report.

Kent P. Willnauer

De Soto

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