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Sen. Lynn keeps early promise to community

November 8, 2007

Last month, Sen. Julia Lynn was in De Soto for a day, visiting schools, addressing the chamber of commerce and ending with a town hall meeting at the Bleu Tomato downtown. With that day alone, the first-term state senator probably exceeded the hours spent in the community of her predecessor, whose seat she won a year ago in a caucus of district Republicans.

Cynics could point to her re-election challenge of Democrat, popular retired Olathe school superintendent Ron Wimmer. There can be no doubt that explains part of Lynn's visit, but we're inclined to remain flattered and impressed by the senator's interest in the community.

As Lynn said at the Bleu Tomato, there are 45,000 households in the district. It's pretty simple math to conclude there are richer voter veins to be mined in the district than the 4,000 households in De Soto. The truth is a candidate could win the coming campaign for the 9th Senate District without ever coming to or acknowledging De Soto.

Adding to Lynn's credibility is her work on De Soto Issues. She has made a priority changes in the state's tax credit economic development incentive package, which would make effective of what now appears to be merely a paper tool. Those changes could be key to a major Huhtamaki Americas Inc. expansion in De Soto, which could benefit every customer of the city's water and sewer departments.

Moreover, Lynn researched methods other Kansas cities have used to develop riverfront parkland and has vowed to guide a similar measure for De Soto through the Legislature.

This interest and involvement in De Soto issue back up Lynn's expressed admiration for the community's people and environment.

No matter what one thinks of Lynn's politics, which put her among the state's Republican conservative block, it must be conceded she has done as she promised a year ago. The senator has visited, listened and worked for solutions to this community's needs.

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