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November 8, 2007

The De Soto United Methodist Church had an All Saints Day tribute Sunday to honor members who died this year. Those remembered were Marjorie Guffey, Maxine Coker and Annette Ramsey. The Rev. Jerry Vaughn read a tribute, and the congregation responded with "We remember them."

  • After services Sunday, the De Soto United Methodist Church helped Jim Walker set up chairs for the Election Day Dinner. They also asked for men to volunteer to take tables and chairs after the dinner.
  • The De Soto United Methodist Church's sesquicentennial committee needs to have several dozen pages of longhand script typed to a Microsoft Word document. The church also is looking for a projector for a PowerPoint presentation. Those who can help with either request are asked to call Jim Walker.

  • I had the needed tomatoes brought to me this week by Reta Jenks and a friend of my daughter Debbie. I had my son buy me some too. I'm sorry the growing season is over.

  • Reta Jenks was on the way to St. Louis with her daughter Karen and husband for business they had to get done. It took them more than three days to complete.

  • I enjoyed all the trick or treaters who came to my house. I had about 30 come by, with one group of six. The Reeves family came all in costume, including a boy dressed as a beautiful blonde girl. I would never have guessed he was in our Sunday school class.

I made the annual popcorn balls and had cookies, candy bars, suckers and railroad buttons for all.

  • The De Soto Baptist Church choir loft was filled Sunday with adults and children. They presented the special "Down the River to Pray," with Karen Wall accompanying on piano. The different parks were very well rendered. The choir leader was Jeff Hodges.

  • Sally Beck gave the children's message Sunday, illustrating with different size pumpkins with smiling faces.
  • The deacons served communion at De Soto Baptist Church and a collection was taken for needed funds. Those serving Sunday were Fred Jones, Jeff Coatney, Doug Opdycke, Charles Lawhead Jr. and Joe Woywod.

  • The Stephan family had its yard decorated very elaborately for Halloween as usual. Iola paints all the figurines Larry cuts. They did have some things taken from the yard. Every one needs to drive by and see the yard. Each year is different.

  • My great grandson Hayden was in the wrestling tourney at Perry with his school class. He won three matches and lost one in Friday and Saturday matches. He has two more Sunday afternoons to attend the Kansas University baseball camps.

  • My son Jerry and his wife, Linda, celebrated his birthday this week, picking up grandchildren in Manhattan and taking them to Salem, Mo., to Linda's family to spend the weekend with cousins.
  • Among those celebrating birthdays this week are Bonnie Prince, George Crispen, Kelsey Mills, Thayne Riffel, Bill Plummer, Sarah McAllister, Shirley Brunner, Jim Etherton, Kayla Ingalls, Calvin Hayden and my great-grandson Hayden Chandler.

  • Bill and Charlotte Whim are having an anniversary.
  • With cooler weather expected, the needs at the De Soto Multi-Service Center this week are hot cereal, hot meal items, macaroni and cheese and whole kernel corn. Paper goods and diapers always are needed.

Cash donations for drug prescriptions and utilities also are needed. With no grocery store in De Soto, the need for money for gasoline has increased.

  • The men at De Soto Baptist Church will have their monthly breakfast fellowship meeting at 7:30 a.m. Saturday at TJ's Cafe. They welcome non-members to join them in fellowship.

  • The Monday night Baptist Church Bible group meeting in the Fellowship Hall with Karen Wall and Mary Etta Copeland leading. They welcome new members to join the group.

  • Those on the sick list and need of prayers are: Willetta Lawhead, who returned home from the Olathe Medical Center, Sally Allen is also back home have extensive medical exams, the parents of Joyce Bassett are doing fine, Jeff Hodges' cousin and nephew need our prayers, Libby Stone is in need of prayers for her transplant to happen. Richard Epperson was able to attend church.

Sympathy goes out the family of George Beaver of Clearview City.

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