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Fight child abuse with love

May 24, 2007

Child abuse has grown to 3 million reported cases a year. Even scarier is that between 1985 and 1993 cases of children being abused by their parents skyrocketed by 50 percent.

Kids tend to be quiet about abuse when they are younger, not knowing how to deal with this situation.

When somebody fully does not know how to get out of a situation, especially with family being involved, some tend to take their life in an attempt to end their suffering and find peace. Now ask yourself, "How can we stop this, effectively and precisely?"

First let's look at the three steps of the beginning. Make sure your kid is always safe, and in good hands. Next, praise them to be healthy, so they feel good about themselves and feel great about life. Last and most importantly, nurture your child. Give them all the wonderful aspects in life, and make them feel loved.

Cody Grimes


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