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Teachers union endorses in board race

March 29, 2007

The De Soto Teachers Association, the professional education organization representing 258 of USD 232's teachers, would like to share our views on the candidates for the board of education in USD 232.

As educators working with your students every day, we have a vested interest in making sure that the needs of our students are best represented on the Board of Education. DTA surveyed all eight of the candidates on various educational issues facing our district, as well as spent considerable time observing the campaign rhetoric over the past month. While all of the candidates have addressed important issues, we believe that Don Clark, Sandy Thierer, Jim Thomas, and Rick Walker can provide the best leadership for the future of our district. Their experience and record on our board demonstrate their commitment to helping us as educators meet the many challenges we face in providing quality educational experiences for your children.

Setting high educational standards, meeting state and federal mandates, providing a quality working and learning environment, and ensuring fiscal responsibility to our patrons are demanding tasks. We feel these candidates are up to the challenge, and we hope that on April 3 you will join DTA in supporting Don Clark, Sandy Thierer, Jim Thomas, and Rick Walker with your vote.

De Soto Teachers Association

Executive Board

Justin W. Love

President, De Soto Teachers Association

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