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Letter: Be informed

March 29, 2007

The election of four members of the Board of Education on April 3 will be a critical vote for leadership and experience in the rapidly expanding De Soto School District.

I urge all patrons to be informed and to seek the truth on issues being raised by some concerning the De Soto School Board. Accurate information on all issues is available to all for the asking.

The existing school board has done an excellent job guiding this expanding district and deserves to be re-elected. Experience counts. The whole district could be put in chaos if dedicated and experienced leadership is not continued.

I have been a patron in this district for 38 years, and want the future of my grandchildren to be in the hands of people who are dedicated to their best interests.

I invite you to join me in voting to retain our current board members: Don Clark, Sandra Thierer, Rick Walker and previous board member Jim Thomas.

But, above all, please be informed and vote April 3. Put our children and grandchildren first. They are the future.

Carole Pyle


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