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Our View: Joint cleanup worth pursuing

March 15, 2007

Its rolling hills overlooking the Kansas River and tree cover bless De Soto with striking natural beauty. And although there are many wonderfully maintained homes in the community, there are those that could use a serious clearing of clutter. At the same time, there are individuals who bring down the esthetic quality of the community by too casually discarding trash on roadsides and walkways.

The city of De Soto is offering the usual remedies to the problem. With the beginning of March, the brush pile on West 79th Street west of the railroad tracts will be open Saturday mornings for residents wanting to rid their yards of limbs fell in the winter months. And the city will make dumpsters available dumpsters for home cleanup efforts from March 22 to 25. Finally, the city has placed recycling bins in the parking lot of Morse's Market for more than a year.

There is talk in City Hall of an organized effort to do more as the city attempts to spruce up for the big events associated with its sesquicentennial celebration.

We've witnessed cities in Kansas that mobilize one day yearly in the spring for a mass cleanup effort. Scores of teens ride in trucks donated by individuals and companies to pick up items residents can't get rid of for reasons of age, health or expense. At the end of the day, city crews have hauled off tons of trash.

Such a massive effort might not be right or doable in De Soto. But the cooperative cleanup being discussed in City Hall certainly is. We would hope service organizations, youth groups, the school district and the city pursue the idea and work to make De Soto fully worthy of its setting.

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