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Letter: Why I’m voting to re-elect my wife

March 8, 2007

Four years of rushing to get the kids to their activities on Thursday nights and eating out of a paper bag, late-night telephone calls and interrupted family dinners. Four years of losing my wife for the better part of the weekend twice a month to review the thick "council packet" in preparation for the next meeting. Four years of seeing her pour her heart into something she believes in, and still not bringing home a paycheck for the trouble. So when my wife, Mitra Templin, told me she was thinking about seeking re-election to De Soto City Council, you can imagine my reaction ... Absolutely.

This town has been home to our family for nearly 15 years. You are like our extended family: you know our children, Sophia and Rex, and probably way too much about us. Accordingly, I believe Mitra's re-election would be good for all of us, despite the personal cost.

Mitra is the right person to continue to champion the enhancement of our quality of life. I challenge anyone to dispute the continuing benefits the new pool has brought to our town, both socially and economically. There is, however, much more we can and need to do, and Mitra is absolutely qualified to continue the great works begun by this past council.

Mitra brings experience and continuity to the council. With the new sewer plant coming online, the need to resolve the fire and water issues and the tremendous opportunities, and big challenges presented by the Downtown Redevelopment Plan, now is not the time to try to bring the inexperienced up to speed. During her first term, Mitra gained the experience necessary to play a useful role in those discussions. The goodwill and camaraderie enjoyed by the present council, which Mitra has helped to foster, will be extremely important as we face these issues together.

I am voting to re-elect Mitra Templin for city council because she is the right person, in the right place, at the right time to make De Soto a better place for all of us. I hope you will join me.

Roger Templin
De Soto

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