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Letter: Support Straub

March 8, 2007

When I decided to become a candidate for the De Soto school board, I did so because I wanted to be involved in the process of providing students with the best educational opportunities our district could provide. My goals included hiring and retaining the most qualified teachers; providing teachers with opportunities for advancement within the district; involving our district's families and the community in the process of educating the students; maintaining small classroom sizes; adding additional classrooms to existing schools until district growth absolutely required the construction of new schools; and to be absolutely certain that the funding received from district residents and businesses were always used in the most fiscally responsible way.

During the course of the campaign, I had the good fortune of meeting many people who shared my goals and helped me greatly by providing sound advice, financial support, opinions, ideas, encouragement and well wishes. To all those people who showed their confidence in me with their support, I thank you so very much.

Also during this campaign, I learned a lot about my opponent, Don Clark. I learned Clark was "shocked and amazed" to think a recent De Soto High School graduate such as me could possibly deal with complex decisions involving school board matters and determined I was incapable and unqualified to serve on the school board.

Now that the primary is over, Clark is quoted as saying he was impressed with my candidacy and that he will incorporate my theme of community involvement into his campaign. I find Clark's recent words to be disingenuous and self-serving as he attempts to lure votes from those who believed in my vision and candidacy. I ask my supporters to give their votes to Kevin Straub.

Kasey Willnauer

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