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Spruce up for 150th celebration

June 21, 2007

ou may have heard that this is the year the city of De Soto turns 150. Happy sesquicentennial De Soto. The city wants to take this time to ask for your assistance to take pride and to help make the city of De Soto a cleaner, safer, more aesthetically pleasing, and presentable place to live.

The De Soto Codes Department staff is hoping you will take time to look at the exterior condition of your property and take notice if through the winter some items may have accumulated that would distract from the aesthetics of De Soto. Below is a list of some common residential codes violated:

Environmental and Health -- Garbage or debris, old furniture, heavy equipment and construction material and old tires.

Vehicles -- Vehicles not properly licensed or in an inoperable condition must be stored inside or removed form the premises. Vehicles and boats must be parked on approved surfaces, not in the yard or the street right-a-way.

Weeds -- Dead branches, over grown weeds. Your lawn should not exceed 12 inches in height.

If everyone does their part, not only will we have a great celebration but also a great place we can feel proud to say we live in De Soto.

Thank you ahead of time for any help you provide with this celebration.

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