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Obeying the law not optional

June 21, 2007

I read that the De Soto City Council approved the rental inspection/landlord licensing program, which I believe is a good program. Too often, some landlords are more interested in the rent money than providing a safe comfortable place for their tenants to live. Those especially targeted are the low-income people who take the risks of less than safe housing in order to put a roof over their family's heads.

The troubling aspect of the article was the statement by Randy Johnson that he didn't intend to comply with the law because he didn't have time to meet them 25 times every three years with city inspectors. I wonder if he had to pick up the rent money from his 25 properties each month would he have the time.

He acknowledged the fact that there was a problem in De Soto with neglected property but he wasn't one of them. I guess what Randy is trying to say is make an exception for me but enforce the code against everyone else; I always thought the laws were supposed to be enforced equally and fairly for all.

Mr. Johnson does have options; he can sell his property, comply with the law or waste a lot of his valuable time and money going to court.

You would think a respectable school board member would want to set an example for citizenry that laws are for everyone without regard to your station in life or how busy you are.

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