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Johnson County Nutrition Menu

July 26, 2007

Friday/July 27
Marinated fish or Salisbury steak, potato wedges, Brussels sprouts, cornbread muffin, cherry crisp, *diet cherry crisp.

Monday/July 30
Meatball sandwich or polish sausage and kraut, baked potato chips, garden vegetable salad, hot dog bun, fresh grapes.

Tuesday/July 31
Roast pork w/gravy or turkey w/gravy, mashed potatoes, peas and onions, rye bread, lime gelatin w/pears, *sugar free lime gelatin w/pears.

Wednesday/August 1
Roast beef w/gravy or chicken breast w/gravy, new potatoes, corn o'brien, white bread, cranberry salad.

Thursday/August 2
BBQ chicken or liver and onions, vegetable blend, oven browned potatoes, wheat bread, tropical fruit salad.

Friday/August 3
Deli turkey with lettuce and tomato or egg salad, Sun chips, triple bean salad, whole wheat bread, peach cup.

#Indicates diabetic/low sodium substitution
+Indicates low sodium substitution
*Indicates diabetic substitution
Milk and bread are served daily. Menu are subject to change.

To be eligible for Johnson County home delivered meals, a person must be homebound and older than 60 years of age. Cost is by donation only. The suggested donation/contribution is $2.50 a meal, however no one is refused service because of inability to pay. Reservations and cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance.
For more information, call the De Soto senior neighborhood center at 585-1762.

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