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July 19, 2007

The De Soto United Methodist Church is having a busy week. The vacation Bible school is in session each evening. The reading circle met Tuesday and studied the book "My Time: Making the Most of the Bonus Decades After 50" by Abigail Trafford.

  • The De Soto United Methodist Church planted trees, shrubs, mulch, magnolias and other plants in the memorial garden. They would appreciate donations to cover planting costs.

  • The De Soto Baptist Church had a special duet in the Sunday morning worship services. Jeff and Richelle Hodges sang.

  • The needed item this week at the De Soto Multi-Service Center is macaroni and cheese. Next week the needed items include peanut butter and jelly. Paper goods and baby supplies always are needed.

  • Laura Long recently took a vacation to Arkansas with relatives. She said she had a good time, but some of her relatives there are in poor health.

  • My daughter-in-law Linda Nalley organized my "stuff" while visiting from Oklahoma. She found some of the important things I had misplaced. She went home Friday and I miss her.

  • My friend Mary Alley and her four-year-old grandson brought me some delicious baked chicken and ripe, sliced strawberries. My friend Mary Plummer brought me a delicious foot-long cucumber.

  • My great-grandson Hayden attended a basketball camp in Olathe every day last week. This week he has baseball camp and next week he has football camp. His baseball team, The Heat, won both of its games Sunday afternoon.

  • A Beth Moore video with many Bible references was shown at De Soto Baptist Church last Monday. Scriptures and poems were passed out to the many attendees. Many others watched the movie at Karen Walls' house.

  • My son Carlin called from Illinois and gave me reports of their grandchildren. He was looking forward to taking a trip to Oklahoma and the family reunion.

  • My son and daughter-in-law Edwin and Jeanne called Sunday evening from Texas. They said they did not have rain for three days last week. It only rained on Friday for about 15 minutes. He has been busy doing yard work because of all of the rain in previous weeks. Their granddaughter Lisa has to wear glasses now. She is going to visit her other grandmother in Marshall, Texas, to help her make a quilt.

  • My daughter-in-law Linda and I were lucky this week when we stopped at a friend's house. Our friend noticed we had two nails sticking out of our left front tire. We prayed and returned home without a blowout. The tire is still under warranty because it is only two months old. My grandson Brad will take care of it.

  • Those celebrating birthdays this week include Boots Linden, Kyler Gish, Cory Tiedeman, Connie Stumpff, Luke Pell, Brynn McCracken, Mary Patterson, Addie Austin, Alyce King, Sharon Brashears, Randy Canaan, Sarah Martinez, Geneva Brashears and my grandson Alan Nalley in Illinois.

  • Those celebrating anniversaries include Larry and Zola Stephan, David and Denise King, Rick and Susan Lewis, John and Darlene Hackworth, Steve and Nancy Prosser, my grandchildren Brad and Shelly Williams who live in Manhattan and my grandson and his wife Marty and Rhonda Nalley who live in Oklahoma.

  • The Rev. Richard and Mary Etta Copeland are visiting Bella Vista, Ark., this week. Clausie Smith from Bonner Springs was supposed to be the guest speaker, but he wasn't able to attend.

  • My daughter-in-law Linda Nalley (Michael's wife) was here for the weekend. She also visited at my son Jerry's house. She took me to Olathe to get the stitches out of my incision and got the news with me that they didn't get all the cancer the first time. I have to go back in this weekend and get it done over again.

  • Larry Hartshorn has been transferred from ICU to a room at Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Linda and Danny Lane ask for prayers for Linda's mother who has brain tumors. Larry Stephan had pneumonia and was in the hospital last week, but he is now home.

ElFreeda Payton sent a thank you to the church for the potted plant given her in the passing away of her sister. She is in need of prayers for her skin cancer and her eyes. Sue Allen is having some health problems and needs prayers. Barbara Bosworth had surgery this past week and asks for prayers.

Jeff Hodges' cousin is in a Wichita hospital after an accident left him with a broken shoulder. Sandi Gulley is still undergoing chemotherapy and needs prayers.

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