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July 12, 2007

The De Soto United Methodist Church is still seeking communion stewards for 10:30 Sunday morning services for October, November and December. More immediately, the church needs greeters for 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. services in July.

De Soto United Methodist Church youngsters will have an ice cream social from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Friday at the church's fellowship hall. The youth will share experiences and photographs from a mission trip to Warren Village in Denver.

The De Soto United Methodist Church's vacation Bible school is next week. Donations and volunteers to help with refreshments, crafts and activities are still needed.

The Rev. Jerry Vaughan of the De Soto United Methodist Church was absent from service Sunday to perform a wedding. A friend from Spring Hill substituted for him.

  • A video of Beth Moore, an award-winning author, noted speaker and Sunday school teacher with the First Baptist Church of Houston, Texas, was shown Monday evening at the De Soto Baptist Church. A light supper was served with Mary Etta Copeland as the hostess.

  • Jean Epperson's nephew from Arkansas (not Arizona as I wrote last week) is still in the hospital after a car wreck and still in need of prayers.

In other clarifications, it was Mary Alley who planted the tomato plants I got. Reta Jenks brought me two ripe tomatoes July 2 from her garden. And yes, I had a peanut butter and tomato sandwich for supper.

Finally, my daughter was traveling from Rantoul when she had to detour because of the flooding.

  • Visiting me last week were former De Soto residents Bernice Thornton, her daughter Patty and her sister Frances Weidlein. They had decorated family plots in Lawrence and De Soto cemeteries and visited cousins in Lawrence. They left to drive back to their home in Belleville, Ill.

  • I had a telephone call last Thursday evening from my former neighbor Patty Neeland. She invited us for breakfast or lunch when we go to our Labor Day weekend family reunion in Pittsburg. I hope we can do so, but we are going with Carlin and Nancy, who live in Illinois, and I don't know when we'll be in Pittsburg as our dinner and reunion is south of Joplin, Mo. Patty said her job with the state placing foster children in 21 counties kept her busy. After years in the National Guard, she is expecting to retire soon.
  • Also calling every day is Ruth Motzkus from the Sharon Lane nursing center. She said she receives the newsletter and bulletins from the De Soto United Methodist Church.

  • Calling Sunday from Texas, my son and daughter-in-law Edwin and Jeanne said they were unable to mow their lawn for two weeks because of rain.

Their children returned from vacation in Colorado with a story of how their granddaughter Lisa jumped into 9 foot of water and swam out.

  • My son Michael's wife, Linda, is here for the week from Oklahoma. She is going through the many picture albums for a memory book. She also is going to visit Jerry and his wife in Overland Park and old Lawrence neighbors and friends.

  • My sister-in-law from Eugene, Ore., called me this week and said she would babysit for her great-grandson next week. She also said she flew back to Kansas, got sick on the plane and left her driver's license in Denver. She had to hire someone to drive her to Wichita where her youngest daughter is in a care facility. She did not get to come up and see me in De Soto.

  • My son and daughter-in-law Carlin and Nancy called me Sunday and caught me up on their Fourth of July happenings. They talked about their plans to come to Kansas. He said the cicadas that come every 17 years are making a lot of noise in Illinois. It is the first time his grandchildren have heard them.

  • I had a friend that went to the cemetery to watch the community fireworks display on the Fourth of July. She said there were people setting off firecrackers and rockets while standing on graves. She said she asked them not to set off fireworks there or she would report them to the sheriff's department. When they continued, she called the sheriff's department on her mobile phone. Two policemen arrived: one stayed at each end of the cemetery and no more firecrackers were heard.

I heard that some people shot real guns into the air in parts of De Soto. It should have been reported too.

  • Those celebrating birthdays this week include Rosie Inman, Annette Tucker, Paden Bedford, Bub Schmidt, Debbie Price, Ron Price, Bill Gish, Stevie Coker, Alexandra Payne, Lukas Tucker, Barbara Weis, Fred Jones, Monica Walker, Rylie McDaniel, Rick Miller, Katharine Ingalls, and my son-in-law Paul Chandler. My dear friend Jodi Hitchcock had a birthday last week -- forgive me, Jodi.

  • The only anniversary this week is that of my friends who used to live here, Bob and Betty Bonebrake. They now live in southern Missouri. It is their 61st anniversary. Their son, Tim, is a pastor of a church in Olathe.

  • The De Soto Multi-Service Center needs this week include graham crackers. Next week's needs are macaroni and cheese and paper goods.

There were many served at the center when they had commodities. Many potatoes were given out.

  • My sister-in-law and former De Soto resident, Emmaline Freeman Nelson, who lives in Springfield, Mo., called and said she was going to visit her son Kevin Freeman and his family after the Fourth of July (she did not want to hear her three grandsons shoot firecrackers). Kevin's wife, Carrie, teaches at an elementary school. Kevin had been teaching in Vandalia, Mo. He is now the assistant superintendent at the Mexico, Mo., high school.

  • The sick and those needing prayers include Larry Hartshorn, who is in the intensive care unit at Overland Park Regional, and also the Ellenbergers. Kathy Hayden was able to attend church on Sunday. Sally Schrader asked for prayers for her friend the Rev. Richard Copeland. Curt Culver, who is stationed in Iraq, wrote church members at De Soto Baptist Church and said he appreciates the notes, telephone calls and other goodies. Sandi Gulley needs prayers with her chemo treatment. Margaret Wycoff is still having some health problems and so is the Lawrence Allen family. I hope to get the cancer stitches out this week at the doctor when Jerry takes me.

  • The Rev. Richard Copeland sang a solo after delivering a sermon that went together with the theme on Sunday.

  • The men in the De Soto Baptist Church will meet at 7:30 a.m. Saturday at Wally's Cafe for a fellowship breakfast. All are welcome.

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