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Taking a stand

July 5, 2007

With about 2 inches of rain falling in De Soto last weekend, it's not surprising what was proving popular at local firework stands.

"Depth charges," said Allison Chambers at the De Soto Youth Ministries stand. "They go off under water. Kids are really buying that."

It was the same story with a different name at the De Soto Rotary Club's fireworks stand in Morse's Market.

"Water bombs," said Carol Christesson, who was taking a turn manning the stand early Monday afternoon with fellow Rotary member Eldon Conyne. "We sold a lot of them.

We had to re-order them."

Four fireworks stands catered to the summer holiday spirit of De Soto residents this year. All were fundraising endeavors of non-profit organizations, which was one of the stated goals of De Soto City Council members when they rescinded the city's fireworks ban before the Fourth of July last year.

Back for a second year were stands operated by the De Soto VFW Post 6654 and the De Soto High School football team.

Things were pretty slow Monday at the VFW stand, but that didn't concern member Roger Sellers.

"You make all your money in fireworks on the Fourth," he said. "If you make your money back before the Fourth, you're doing good."

Fireworks stand proceeds will go to the post's building fund, Sellers said.

Shopping at the VFW stand was Shelia Heck with daughters Rachel and Laurel, son Tyler and his friend Zack Burch.

"We're very appreciative we can now shoot fireworks on the Fourth," Sheila said.

His budget for fireworks was about $100, said Don Churchwell. Monday afternoon, he was spending part of that at the De Soto Youth Ministries stand in the parking lot behind Beer 30.

"I'm spending about $30 here," he said. "I'm spreading it around to support the different groups."

The fireworks arsenal he purchased would augment Wednesday's $10,000 community fireworks show at the USD 232 west stadium, Churchwell said.

Business had been steady Monday, Chambers said. The money at the stand will help pay for a mission trip to Brazil the youth ministries' team will take in August, she said.

De Soto High School freshman football coach Tod Hessong said poppers, firecrackers and other "kids' stuff" were popular at the football teams stand behind Gulley's Carpet on Commerce Drive.

Hessong and others at the stand acknowledged business had been slow Monday but expected things to pick up Tuesday and Wednesday.

The weekend rain may have dampened weekend activities and early fireworks use, but it helped alleviate concerns about any accidental wildfire, De Soto Fire Chief Keven Ritter said.

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