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Exploring the past

January 18, 2007

5 years ago


January 2002

Two competing petitioners were seeking to influence the future of a .4-mile section of road southeast of De Soto.

Waverly Road, which had been closed since floodwaters washed out a bridge over a tributary of Camp Creek more than half a century before.

Dr. Rich Beamon, who lived on 99th Street, said it didn't make sense that what could be one of the few continual north-south routes east of the Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant should remain unopened because of a long-forgotten flood.

Beamon collected signatures for a petition calling for the reopening of the closed section of Waverly. He said if the section were reopened, Waverly would alleviate traffic on a "dangerous" Kill Creek Road. More importantly, he said, it would provide an alternate route for emergency vehicles.

Sandy Brashears, who lived on Waverly near the southern dead end, said Beamon didn't bother to ask her or her neighbors to sign the petition. She began circulating a petition seeking to stop the project.

Brashears said Johnson County Rural Fire District No. 3 brackets Kill Creek Road with fire stations that assure emergency service to the area. She felt Beamon's motivations were not traffic concerns or emergency vehicle service on Kill Creek Road, but that he wanted to reopen a closed masonry rock quarry on the 120 acres he owned within the closed section of Waverly. To back up the charge, she had a letter her family received from Beamon in June 2000 asking their support for an application to Johnson County for a conditional use permit to reopen the quarry.

Beamon said he considered reopening the 10-acre quarry in the past, but now he wanted to sell the 120 acres.

  • De Soto's two representatives to the Kansas Legislature -- Rep. John Ballou and Sen. Kay O'Connor -- identified the state's budget crunch as the dominant issue in the coming legislative session.

Ballou said the next session would be about managing priorities and setting its highest priorities on what to fund. O'Connor agreed money would be the topic, but refused to buy into the talk of a budget crunch.

After learning state revenue was less than expected, Gov. Bill Graves released, but didn't support, a balanced budget in December that made $426 million in cuts to the 2003 budget that would hit social and elderly programs, corrections, transportation and education.

Should that budget be approved, local school districts would receive $158 less in per-pupil aid from the state. That would wipe out the gains they had received during the past three years.

  • Former De Soto City Administrator Gerald Cooper accepted a severance offer from the city.

After Cooper cleared out his City Hall office in December, he sent a letter to the city council saying he had been terminated, which would have entitled him to four months of his $50,000 annual salary.

Mayor David Anderson maintained he had only informed Cooper that he would not be retained once his contract expired in April. After an executive session, the city council agreed to offer Cooper a severance packages of two months of his annual salary and accumulated vacation pay.

  • Alfredo Arambula made a plea bargain with the district attorney's office in exchange for his testimony during Jesse Guardado's trial in Johnson County District Court for the shooting of Melanie S. Oliver.

Arambula would plead guilty to second-degree murder and faced up to 13 years in prison.

Guardado was charged with first-degree murder for his alleged participation in the slaying.

Arambula testified that Juan Crutchfield approached him twice, asking him to kill Oliver. Each time, Arambula refused to commit the killing. However, the second time he refused Crutchfield beat him and threatened his life. With that threat, he agreed to kill Oliver, Arambula testified.

21 years ago


January 1986

The high school academic team once again qualified for televised competition on WIBW, Channel 13's High-Q program. The team competed, along with 91 other schools, at Washburn University's Super Saturday in Topeka.

  • De Soto High School defeated Gardner, 41-36, to add another win to its perfect league record.
  • The De Soto High School wrestling team took third out of nine teams at the Louisburg Invitational Tournament.

29 years ago


January 1977

Delores Weller was chosen to be the chairman of a special event in the city to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Weller, with the help of other leaders, was chosen to plan an event to inform the community of the symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis.

  • The De Soto City Council gave the go-ahead on two street improvement projects. The benefit projects would include parts of Kickapoo, First and Delaware streets.
  • Area supermarket managers said coffee sales had slipped somewhat since prices of the product started a steady climb upward in recent months.

Some U.S. stores posted signs advising their customers not to buy coffee because of the price increase and asked their customers to buy some sort of substitute beverage like tea.

31 years ago


January 1976

Plans were being completed for the multi-purpose human services program in De Soto. A multi-service center referred to a facility housing two or more different service agencies under one roof with emphasis on serving needs of a community.

  • Most De Soto telephone customers noticed a small increase in their basic monthly service rate. Southwestern Bell officials said growth in the De Soto area and expanding services was the reason for the increased rate.

54 years ago


January 1953

At the close of business on Dec. 31, 1952, the De Soto State Bank had reached the amount of $1,806,757.22 for total assets. It was the first time in the bank's history it had reached such figures.

  • Members of the Athenaeum Club had its first meeting of the new year at Memorial Hall. Seventeen members and one guest were present. After the program, the social hour was spent in conversation.

76 years ago


January 1931

C.S. Hambleton and Virgil Baker took Mrs. A.R. Coker to her home in Parsons. Neal Hambleton, who had been visiting with Mr. Coker, accompanied them home.

  • Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scrimmager and Mrs. Starr of Kansas City, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Dent and Miss Oma were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Turner.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Parson Bowlin, Mr. and Mrs. George Dana and Mrs. Mary Bowlin, Emmett and Willis, ate New Year's dinner with Ben McIntire and family, near Gardner.
  • Mr. and Mrs. C.F. French moved to the place vacated by W.L. Blaylock.
  • Mae Gordon returned to her schoolwork in Manhattan after spending a two-week vacation with her father, S.M. Gordon.

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