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Letter: Park board deserves thanks

February 22, 2007

The De Soto Park Board would like to publicly acknowledge the tremendous effort demonstrated over the course of many years of past De Soto Park Board members, specifically Mike Nolan, Barry Thierer and Cheri Reichenberger. The work of these individuals, and many others before them, helped to advance the foundation of the park system here in De Soto. Our park system has served the community well for many years.

Public service, especially the volunteer kind, often takes place with little public recognition when we consider the general quality, vitality and future direction of a community. Yet, it is the desire for the public good of citizens such as these that provide so much to making our way of life better. Dreams are important, but having people willing to make them happen is even more so.

Now, as the city sits on the threshold of new, exciting and demanding growth, we hope the efforts being put forth today will have the same positive impact on the quality of life as did the accomplishments of past members.

Thank you for all you have done for De Soto.

Doug Pickert, Nancy Cook, Ron Crow Jr. and Doug Dailey
The De Soto Park Board

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