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Letter: Johnson should learn from Thierer

February 22, 2007

Shame on you, Randy Johnson. Your behavior is atrocious even by your standards.

We chuckled and shrugged you off when you joined the board determined to starve our public schools of money. We rolled our eyes when you vocally opposed the recent school bond -- a bond that you voted to put on the ballot just a few months before. That action -- your action -- cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars. Ironic for someone who claims to be concerned about our tax burden.

This week, Mr. Johnson' you managed to top yourself. Once more, you have taken the low road and decided that grandstanding and slandering the good name of one of our most dedicated school board members with ridiculous, fabricated accusations is somehow a good use of your time. Your actions prove your incompetence and your true nature.

While Sandy Thierer spends her time away from professional life and board meetings attending professional conferences on education, you run around behind all of our backs scheming to wreck our school budget and turn our schools into impersonal youth factories. You should be ashamed of yourself. Perhaps you could learn something about public education if you acted more like Sandy Thierer instead of degrading her.

Peggy Newton
De Soto

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