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Band participation fee added to USD 232 fee schedule

February 8, 2007

Parents of De Soto USD 232 students will be asked to pick up a bit more of the cost of the children's education next year

The De Soto USD 232 Board of Education approved a package of fees Monday for the 2007-2008 school year. A sliding scale will be used to adjust the fees for those families qualifying for free and reduced lunches.

The board approved creation of a $20 band participation fee for high school and eighth-grade bands and $10 for sixth- and seven-grade bands. Superintendent Sharon Zoellner said the fee was to help pay for some of the bands more expensive instruments.

Also new are a $5 foreign language fee in district high schools and a $10 science lab fee for both high school and middle school classes (there was a $10 high school elective science class fee this year). The fee for the home improvement class, offered for the first time this year, was increased from $20 a year to $25.

Among the fees left unchanged were the $20 activity fee, the $20 art fee, a $20 per semester family and consumer science class fee, a $20 freshmen CPR instruction fee, an $11 sophomore health screening, the $10 life sports course fee and a $6 catastrophic insurance policy required for cheerleaders and athletes.

The district's bus service fee was left unchanged for the third-straight year. Payments to the district's bus contractor, Laidlaw Transit Inc., will remain $250 per student per year with a $50 discount if the fee is paid before July 1. Families with more than two students need only pay $500 total. The district's bus fee only applies to students living within 2.5 miles of their attendance center and choosing to ride the bus.

Lunch and breakfast fees increased 5 cents per lunch across the board. Milk prices remained at 35 cents or $40 a year.

New this year will be a $50 enrollment fee for parents seeking to have their children placed as peer models in the district's preschool program. Applications for the preschool are due Feb. 16.

Should the child not be drawn in the lottery for preschool role models, the $50 fee will be returned. It will also be returned if the parents of a child selected in the lottery informs the district they do not intend to enroll the child in the district's preschool program.

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