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Youth served in UMC Bible showdown

February 1, 2007

Every minister would be pleased with how a youth team from the De Soto United Methodist Church wrested the annual Biblical Scholars' Bowl championship from a team of elders.

Youth team member Adam Wilcox said the youth team's victory in the annual competition wasn't based on a night of cramming but on a deeper knowledge of the Bible.

"We studied the night before, but a lot of the information I knew came from regular Bible reading," Wilcox said.

Sunday marked the third annual Biblical Scholars' Bowl. Five elders of the church competed against members of the youth group in front of a packed audience. The youth group beat the elders with a score of 680 to 530. The winners received a plaque to be placed in their honor inside the church.

The Rev. Jerry Vaughn served as moderator, as he has served for the past three years. The job required him to stay unbiased to either party. Vaughn said his favorite part of the bowl was hearing the responses.

"The answers they give are the fun part," Vaughn said.

The youth group had been preparing for this competition since early January. Youth sponsor Brenda Crisco coached the students during youth group meetings and made a review sheet for them.

"She gave us a list of questions and told us to study up," Bret Caldwell said. "I was excited but didn't know what to expect."

The bowl game has changed over time. Three years ago, the bowl started out as a fund-raiser. The proceeds were donated to help feed the hungry. Now the event is an opportunity for the two social groups to come together and bridge the generation gap.

"The bowl is a fellowship program. A way to get two groups together," assistant youth sponsor Larry Cox said.

"It's a fun game," Charles Miller said. "It's good to have interaction with the youth."

The last two years this event has been on Superbowl Sunday. It was moved up this year because of scheduling conflicts. Crisco believed having the event earlier allowed for a better turnout.

The Bible Baseball game was used for the competition. The game rules allowed each team to buzz in once per question with as much as 10 seconds to answer a question. Each question's worth ranged from 10 to 40 points. The last question was worth 200 points.

Representing the elders were Rita Jones, Brenda Kotschwar, Miller, Mark Schutte and Jim Walker. The youth team included Caldwell, Crisco, Bianca Gonzalez, Shane Hefner, Colin O'Neill, Adam Wilcox and Sam Wilcox.

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