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Letter: Willnauer worthy opponent

Willnauer worthy candidate

February 1, 2007

Don Clark, the current De Soto school board president, was quoted as saying he did not expect Kasey Willnauer, a recent graduate of De Soto High School, who is challenging Clark for an at-large board position, to provide him with competition in the upcoming election.

Clark was "shocked and amazed" that a teenager who had just graduated felt qualified to run for a school board position. Apparently, Clark does not believe the De Soto school district provides graduates with the necessary education and life skills needed to deal with complex decisions and therefore are incapable of serving the district. Now that is shocking and amazing.

Clark stated he did not attempt to become a board member until obtaining a master's degree. Is having a master's degree now the standard by which Clark judges school board candidates? Does he believe all other board members and candidates should have master's degrees? And if they don't, does that mean they are not as qualified as Clark to serve?

Clark declared "you've got to have time to learn and grow" and it is vital to have professional and life experience to serve on the school board.

I believe Kasey Willnauer's 12 years of education in the De Soto school district, in which he interacted with teachers, administrators and the school board has in fact provided him with professional and life experiences needed for the at-large board position he seeks.

The school board is made up of members from the school district's community. All members bring individual strengths to the board with the purpose of serving the greater good of the students, educators and taxpayers. No one member should dominate or think they are superior to anyone in that effort.

Maybe a recent graduate like Kasey Willnauer as a board member is what is vital to the school board.

Toni Caldwell
De Soto

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