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December 27, 2007

The De Soto United Methodist Church had a special page in its Sunday church bulletin with the listing of all the poinsettias that were given and for whom. I related to many of them. I gave money to the Olathe Medical Center's Tree of Memories that supports hospice service.

With the new year starting next week don't forget the calendar the De Soto United Methodist Church is selling depicting its history in honor of its sesquicentennial in 2008. It has pictures of the old church bells and the old clock in the narthex.

¢ I plan for my family to attend the Christmas Eve service at the De Soto United Methodist Church. When we moved to De Soto in 1943, there wasn't any Baptist church so our family attended the Methodist church and I taught the girls' junior high school Sunday school class. The De Soto Baptist Church was formed in 1947, and I'm the only founding member still attending.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church had its cantata Sunday evening with the band playing several numbers prior to the performance. There were solos sung by Pat Reeves, Leslie Hodges and Lucas Walker. The Rev. Richard Copeland presented the scripture before each new song was sung. A candlelight service followed with an offertory given.

Unless otherwise designated, half the collection from the cantata will go to the Community Mission Outreach and half to the church's improvement fund.

Deacon Board President Joe Woywod presented Richard and Mary Etta Copeland Christmas gifts from the congregation, which was a gift certificate that will allow them to shop wherever they wish.

¢ There was a fellowship after the cantata with cookies, candies and drinks in the fellowship hall.

¢ The De Soto Multi-Service Center is well stocked with food and gifts for those in need - so blessed are the ones who gave from their hearts.

¢ The Willow Springs F.C.E. met Dec. 18 in the De Soto Baptist Church fellowship hall. The club's president the last few years, El Freeda Payton, was presented with a gift certificate. Dorothy Nalley gave some statistics on the number of women voting and number of women holding national office. Leona Robinson did the gift exchange with the members and no one got the gift they brought. Several of our members were absent because of jobs and doctor's appointments but two guests were in attendance.

¢ Riding around De Soto, I was proud how beautifully the homes were decorated with lights on many homes that haven't been decorated in years. Thanks to the De Soto Parks and Recreation Board for the poinsettias in the planters in the east and west Ys. I felt guilty all month when they weren't in the planters because of the weather, so Jay had Nathan come to the rescue. They are pretty, even with the snow on them.


My son and daughter-in-law Carlin and Nancy from Lisle, Ill., arrived Sunday. They said they saw at least 25 cars in the ditch in Missouri. My son Mike called Sunday evening to wish me merry Christmas and said he would visit in a week after spending Christmas with family in Oklahoma.

¢ Deana Weller Chance's son Cody, who lives in Gardner, was quite an honest hero this past week. He found a bank bag laying on the ground at the bank's outside night deposit area when he went to do his banking. The bag had $4,000 in it.

Because the bank was closed and since he was on his way to work in Kansas City, he left the bag at a nearby McDonald's and called the bank after it opened to let them know where he left it. He was rewarded with a gift from the owner. I salute Cody. I know Deana is proud of him and so are his grandparents Dean and Delores Weller.

¢ My son Edwin called me from Texas Sunday and told me he had gone to a grandparent's dance and took his granddaughter Lisa Nalley, who is a kindergartner. She wore her new dress they'd gotten for her when they were in New Hampshire in the fall on vacation.

¢ Those celebrating birthdays this week include Jesus (of course), Madeleine Mikinski, Mary Plummer, Rita Jones, Macey Vorhies, Bob Redick, Paula Jones, Margaret Wycoff, Sean Nalley, Alfred Clay and Frances Lawhead.

¢ The Ladies Auxiliary Post 6654 went to Wadsworth to visit the veterans Wednesday and took pumpkin pie and served them. They also took gifts for them. Sue Allen and Frances Lawhead were the two that went.

¢ I apologize for the news note in my column last week that said Mary Jo McDaniels had broken her leg in five places. It was her niece that had that happen to her.

¢ My grandchildren in Manhattan were unable to come to our family get-together on Christmas because my grandson's mother fell and broke her femur bone. Jerry and Linda Nalley went there Friday for their gift exchange and stayed overnight. They were lucky to get on I-70 before it closed at Topeka Saturday.

¢ My daughter Debbie took me to the Lexington Trails Middle School band concert Dec. 18. It was great. The auditorium was full and many had to stand. Others used portable chairs. The sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students all presented several numbers and all were great.

¢ Don't forget to prayer for Mary Jo McDaniel's niece. Richard Epperson still needs our prayers and Danny and Linda Lane's parents are not well. Freda Anderson asked for prayers for her family's health problems. Sue Allen is still asking for prayers for her family as well. Libby Stone also needs continued prayers and Kathy Hayden still needs our prayers.

I go back to the eye doctor this week. I haven't seen any more improvements since my surgery, but I'm praying there will be soon.

¢ Sympathy goes to the family of Mary Lou Simmons, who died this week, and the family of Beau Arndt, a friend of Morgan Frehe, who also passed away.

¢ Correction: It was Quita Tankersley's son, Bill, and wife, Alice, who were visiting her last week.


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