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December 20, 2007

The De Soto United Methodist Church had their children's choir present their Christmas program at the 10:30 a.m. worship services. The title was "Bows of Holly." Directors were Linda and Stephanie, who thanked the church for the opportunity to work with the children throughout the year and are looking forward to February 2008 when they start the New Year with the children.

¢ The De Soto United Methodist Church plans to make a new sign for the church and is asking for donations for the sign.

¢ The Cub Scout No. 3054 trop made a donation of two fresh greens to the De Soto United Methodist Church for their use of the church for their meeting of the year. One is placed in the Narthex and one in the Fellowship Hall.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church had the Junior Singers present their Christmas program Sunday at the worship hour. It was titled, "Listen to the Angels." There were 16 children in the play. Directors were Mary Etta Copeland and Tami Reeves. Each of the children spoke in the presentation and all sang the songs.

¢ The A.B.W. had their annual Christmas Brunch at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. They also did a gift exchange. The president, Anita Woywod gave a gift, a Darling Santa and goodies to eat, to each member. Hostesses were Lana McPherson, Debbie Maniez, Mary Gale Kramer and Linda Lane.

¢ The De Soto Baptist Church's Christmas Cantata is to be at 7 p.m. December 23. The community is welcome to come and worship and watch the performance.

¢ Quita Lankersley had her son, Bill and his wife Elsie Childers from Fredricksburg, Va. visiting her this weekend. Her daughter, Darla Rogers, and her husband had the relatives all to her home for a family dinner and fellowship. Jean and Richard Epperson were able to attend.

¢ Gary and Linda West are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary December 20.

¢ Mary Jo McDaniels fell this last week and broke her leg in five places.

¢ The Relay For Life group is selling paper gift cardholders for $2. If anyone wants one let Anita Woywod know.

¢ My son Edwin in Texas called Sunday night and said their Sunday school class of about 36 had a white elephant exchange party Saturday. He told me Gideon Bibles was placing 176 bibles in a new hotel that was opening in Plano, Tex. Next week at Frisco, Tex., a new hotel is opening and they'll be putting 120 there and then at both places they'll give their employees a New Testament bible. His wife Jeanne said they kept about 1,000 on hand.

¢ My son, Michael, had been without electricity for a day and a half but still people were without in Oklahoma City. Their lines are underground where he lives.

¢ Michael called me Sunday evening and told me his grandson Marty Nalley's - who is 13 years old - hockey team had been in a tournament in Edmond, Okla., this week and they won first place. They plan to play in a tournament in Kansas City after the first of the year.

¢ My son Carlin in Illinois called me to inquire on my eye surgery and he told me he had a fall in his driveway Wednesday and cut his head and spent two days in the hospital. He also asked about the driveway and sidewalks being cleared by Randy Johnson.

¢ The Willow Springs F.C.E. cancelled their meeting last Friday because of the ice storm and instead had their Christmas party Tuesday at the De Soto Baptist Church with a gift exchange.

¢ I want to thank Reta Jenks and Mike Stephens for all the delicious tomatoes they gave me.

¢ Patricia Weese had her birthday Dec. 9, but her twin grandchildren Blake and Haylee Kay had their second birthday on the same day so they had a birthday party. Their parents are Jason and Jennifer Weese.

¢ Patricia's granddaughter, Allison Weese, daughter of Timmy Weese, performed in "The Nutcracker" Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Allison is a student at Mill Valley High School.

¢ Don't forget to bring some cookies and candies to the Baptist Church's Cantata Sunday evening for a fellowship time. Drinks will be furnished.

¢ I asked several friends to have me on their prayer list this week. I had laser surgery on my left eye on Dec. 12 as the pictures they'd taken showed more bleeding was taking place so I've got a black eye where they injected it to numb it for surgery. I have to return in two weeks for a checkup and in the meantime I have to put in two drops four times per day.

¢ The Hillside Village had their Christmas Party on Friday afternoon. I'd planned to go with Leona Robinson and because of this eye surgery I couldn't attend.

I have several friends at Hillside Village I've known for a long time: Mittie Pingleton, Bill Lafferty, Luke Pell, Bobbie Robinson, Faye Burkhardt, Dorothy Ashley, Irene McDowell and several others. I hope to get down there before Christmas and wish them all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

¢ Those celebrating birthdays this week are: Jean Blanton; Leon Randel; Donna Bartholemew; Chris Berola; Lynell Miley; Noah Cardiff; Darlene Hackworth; Jenna Hodges; Megan Martinez; Leland Jones; Sam Warren; Raymond Tripkos; and my great-granddaughter Katy Nalley in Illinois and great-granddaughter Garrison Williams who celebrated hers last week in Manhattan.

¢ Those having anniversaries are Gil and Linda Rumsey and Steve and Penney Buehler.

¢ Today was Brown Bag Sunday at the De Soto Baptist Church and it was a collection as you leave the worship services, someone from the A.B.W. takes a money offering to give to Jodi at the Multi-Service Center for needed payments for utilities and prescriptions, etc. Also the need this week is cereals and next week the need is macaroni and cheese packages and paper goods.

¢ The needs at the De Soto Multi-Service Center are gloves, socks, underwear, hats, caps, diapers and also good, clean underwear and many personal needs such as toothpaste, brushes and shampoos.


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