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DHS students stuck in Vegas during storm

December 20, 2007

Three De Soto High School students got more than just one snow day last week because of the wintry mix.

The icy, wet weather that hit the area postponed their flight back from Las Vegas until Wednesday, so the teenage girls didn't have to return to school until Thursday afternoon.

Although they weren't old enough to gamble, senior Savannah Rawie, junior Miranda Gilmore and sophomore Mandy Miller weren't complaining because they were stuck in Sin City.

"We shopped and ate," Miranda said of how they spent most of their time.

The girls were in Las Vegas for a Spice Girls concert. The pop group recently made its comeback after being on hiatus for several years.

When they heard about the Spice Girls concerts in Las Vegas, they researched how to get tickets to the concert.

They found a chance to enter a drawing that would give them a chance to purchase tickets. However, they weren't lucky enough to win. But one of the girls had an aunt who was. After purchasing three tickets they planned their trip and did a little bit of brushing up on their Spice Girls knowledge by listening to albums and watching the group's movie "Spice World."

"Us three have always been extremely obsessed with them," Mandy said.

All of them pretended when they were younger that they were members of the group.

"I was in fourth or fifth grade and there was a group of five of us girls," Miranda said. "We made a group at recess and we performed."

Miranda said the concert was amazing and that the Spice Girls looked just like they did when they were initially popular, although that was several years ago. Although they had fun seeing the group, they were more excited about another Vegas sighting.

"We saw David Beckham," Miranda said. "He was sitting there with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes."

When the teens were preparing to return home Monday, they found out their flight was cancelled because of the ice storm. But they weren't upset. Instead they got a larger hotel room and went shopping more. They finally returned home Wednesday. Friday they were working on catching up with their missed school work and preparing for finals week.


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