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Stuco looks to provide Starside with birthday gift

December 13, 2007

The student council at Starside Elementary School is hoping to make the school's 10th birthday special this year.

The club is raising money to purchase a climbing wall for the school.

Student council adviser and school counselor Paula Henderson said the group needs about $3,000 in order to purchase a 6-foot-high climbing wall that would be put in the gymnasium.

So far, the group has raised $1,000 from the Ghostie Goodie sucker sales during school lunch in October.

The group's current fundraiser is to collect cell phones and used ink and toner cartridges.

For each cell phone collected, the group will get between $5 and $15. Ink cartridges bring in 50 cents and toner cartridges bring in $3 to $4.

A green box is set up just inside the school's main entrance to collect donations from parents, teachers and community members.

"We've gotten the word out to all the schools," Henderson said. "We've gotten a lot of response from De Soto High School."

Henderson said she hoped the current fundraiser would collect about $1,000. That would leave the group with about $1,000 left to collect.

The student council's final fundraiser will be another sucker sale during the month of February, which will have a Valentine's Day theme.

Starside physical education teacher Toni Cook said the school had talked about getting a climbing wall for several years.

"We've talked to some of the other schools to see what they have," she said. "We've been researching different options."

Cook said Mize Elementary School already has a climbing wall.

The climbing wall that Starside would get would not be large enough for an entire P.E. class to use it at once, so it probably would serve as a station activity, Cook said.

The wall also would target arm and leg strength as well as the core muscles, Cook said.

The best thing a climbing wall addition would bring to her class would be variety, Cook said.

"I tell the students they might not like everything they do, but there's a good guarantee they will like something," she said.

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