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Hitchcock’s passion makes Christmas program success

December 13, 2007

As charity drives go, the De Soto Multi-Service Center's annual Christmas adopt-a-family program is a pretty low-key affair. It doesn't have a snappy name, there's no graph tracking if donations are closing in on some goal nor is there any one event at which the community shares in the effort.

This week, the floor space in the Multi-Service Center is covered with sacks of clothing and toys. All are being readied to be packaged with food for 190 before Christmas to families, seniors and disabled adults. This year, 130 families and 60 more adults receive the holiday packages from the center.

This is true despite a publicity campaign that pretty much amounts to what Multi-Service center director Jodi Hitchcock generates. That's usually a brief that runs in the newspaper starting in November and her direct appeals to such groups as the De Soto Rotary Club and De Soto Chamber of Commerce.

Those are not to be discounted because anyone who has heard Hitchcock talk the programs her office offers knows how effective her appeals can be. She speaks with a passion of someone who has seen too many children face a bleak Christmas with little to celebrate.

The response to Hitchcock's appeals and effective networking with schools, churches, businesses, city and county employees and individuals can now been seen in the center where sacks of toys and clothing pretty much fill the floor space. The contents of the room go a long way in assuring all De Soto residents will have memorable holiday season.

Hitchcock credits it all to the generosity of the community. Those acts of kindness certainly are important, but De Soto and its less fortunate residents are greatly in debt of Hitchcock's sincerity and energy.

Even as she pitches the Christmas program, Hitchcock reminds us that there is a constant need for food and cash donations to help with utility bills as the winter moves on. For those wanting to make a donation of any kind, the Multi-Service Center's number is 583-1152.

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