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Cats singing praises of new medical device

December 13, 2007

"It's like a giant iPod," De Soto athletic trainer Steve Hawkins said.

OK, so maybe the school's sparkling new Physiomed Hivamat 200 won't crank out any Rolling Stones. Still, it's been delivering De Soto's winter sports coaches a heaping pile of "Satisfaction."

The Hivamat 200 is Hawkins' latest gadget, and it's already having a positive effect for De Soto's athletes.

In simple terms, the device helps athletes recover faster. It helps keep swelling down and soothes injuries new and old, and it's been key to helping De Soto keep it's players in the competition already this season.

"It really reduces the swelling dramatically in a shortened time period versus using an ice bucket or a wrap," Hawkins said. "It speeds it up three or four times. Every day you can see it dramatically reduce the swelling. You can get a better range of motion faster and get back on the court faster."

The device works by producing a deep osculation, opening up the lymphatic drainage system, Hawkins said, describing the drainage system as "a one-way highway to the kidneys."

"It blows away that blockage and pushes it to the kidneys for the kidneys to digest," he said.

The device comes from a German company and is still relatively rare in the United States. A larger and more expensive version exists, but De Soto ruled out purchasing one last year .

When the cheaper and more portable version came along, it was an easy choice, Hawkins said.

"This is the third one they've sold in the Midwest. Really, it's kind of a state of the art thing," he said. "The guy that sold it, he told me he went to the Chicago Bears and was showing it to their athletic trainers and all the players wanted it for their personal use.

"It's not only portable, but its battery rechargeable. It runs on four AA batteries for about five hours. It's really a neat system."

Hawkins said he already uses the Hivamat 200 every day and the device was quick to prove it's usefulness. When boys basketball star Andre Linzy -- the team's leading scorer this season -- sprained his ankle prior to the start of the season, the Hivamat 200 was key in helping him return on time.

"We used it on Andre . We did 45 minute treatment and within two and half days he was back on court, full speed," Hawkins said. "Without it, it would have been another week, maybe 10 days with just ice."

Now that's "Satisfaction" guaranteed.

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