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August 23, 2007

The De Soto United Methodist Church is still searching for volunteers to take Mary Plummer's position as leader of funeral dinners.

  • Volunteers are needed at the De Soto Methodist Church to help plan the 150th anniversary in April. Bishop Scott Jones will be present on April 13 to share the day. They hope to have their memorial garden finished by then so Bishop Jones can do the dedication.

  • The De Soto United Methodist Church's Reading Circle met Tuesday to discuss "Breakfast Epiphanies" by David Anderson.

The De Soto United Methodist Church ice cream social was a huge success. Profits were donated to the Warren Village Mission.

  • Mary Etta Copeland and Karen Wall went to the pulpit Sunday at the De Soto Baptist Church and told of the many advantages of the ABW's Retreat to start at 5:30 p.m. Monday at the Bleu Tomato. They passed out questionnaires for each woman attending to the fill out on witnessing and partaking in church activities.

  • The children's sermon at the De Soto Baptist Church was very inspiring as Rev. Copeland challenged them and loving God and his love for them.

  • The De Soto Baptist Church will have its Sunday school promotion, Sept. 9 during the morning worship. Teachers will be recognized and children will be standing to go to their new classes. There are six different classes for age groups as well as a nursery each Sunday.

  • My grandson Bradley Chandler, who lives in Gardner, was picked to drive a NASCAR car Sunday at the Kansas Speedway. My great-grandson Hayden had won a ticket to drive, but since he was only 13 years old, he gave the ticket to his uncle. He said his speed got up to 167 mph. Hayden and Debbie, along with Bradley's wife Colleen attended the car performance on Saturday.

  • My son Edwin and his wife Jeanne from Texas called me Sunday night and told of the family's needs.

The Baptist Church Stroke Study they had last Monday was well attended by many in the community. It was sponsored by the Olathe Medical Center.

  • There was a line for photos taken at the De Soto Baptist Church last Thursday through Saturday. The church is having a new picture album done. It had been 12 years since they had one done.

  • I'm getting some much-needed weeding done, trees trimmed and a fence line cleaned. It has grown up the past two or three years. I've appreciated the hours being put in.

  • My son Carlin from Illinois called me Sunday evening to tell me about his scheduled vacation he was taking with his wife, Nancy. He said he would be here Tuesday and then he is going to Oklahoma to visit his brother Michael and wife, Linda. Then, they are going to come back here to take Debbie, Hayden and me to the Herring Family Reunion. The reunion will be just south of Joplin at my niece's on Sept. 2. Then he plans to visit his aunt Emmaline and her husband in Springfield, Mo., and hopes to see his cousin, Kevin Freeman, in Mexico, Mo., as he returns to Illinois on I-44.

  • The Community Center needs peanut butter and jelly. Next week is macaroni and cheese, paper goods and baby needs.

  • Birthdays this week are: Lois Ann Grimshaw; Bob Huffman; Nicholas Kotschwar; Drew Guntert; Lynn Grimshaw; Cassie Gregg; Margaret Johnston; Anne Cahoone; Wilma Huffman; Geraldine Reed; Glenna Beytein; Ryan Allenbrand; Bonnie Montgall; Anita Woywod; Roger Garcia -- a grandson by marriage and my volunteer each week -- and friend Lydia McGrew.

  • Those celebrating anniversaries are: Doug and Vergie Opdycke. Also, my son Carlin and his wife, Nancy Nalley, with 48 years together.

  • There was a bag Sunday Aug. 19 at the De Soto Baptist Church with Monica Walker taking the collection. Rick Walker was the worship leader and led the songs. Joanna Wall, daughter of Dean and Karen Wall, sang a solo.

  • The 5 a.m. awakening hour is over for now. My great-grandson Hayden, who lives with me, has had this time to get up and get going by 5:30 a.m. to school for football practice at Lexington Trails Middle School by 6 a.m. Now that school has started, practice will be after school
  • .
  • My son Michael, from Oklahoma, called me Sunday evening and told me they had six inches of rain there on Sunday, and about 25 miles from their home, they had nine inches. They celebrated their daughter-in-law's birthday on Sunday with a dinner for the families.

  • Among those on the sick list are: Mary McDaniel in Olathe Medical Center; Leroy Davis's mother, in Shawnee Gardens Nursing Center, has had a bad week and needs prayers, too; Larry Hartshorn has had a better week with his recent knee surgery; Sue Allen is getting out and walking with her cane. She also is keeping her knee wrapped in adhesive bandages; Joe Woywod was unable to attend worship Sunday at De Soto Baptist. He is still needing prayers as well; Linda Lane's mother and Danny Lane's dad; and Pat Weese is unable to attend worship service.

I have a very important unspoken prayer request I would like to be answered.

  • The De Soto Baptist AB Gerld had a thank you to Nate Wall, who helped and purchased things at the mini-mall for the Murrow Indian Children's Home.

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