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Johnson’s position troubling

August 16, 2007

Randy Johnson's comments regarding the upcoming bond issue make me wonder whether he has ever been part of a team. I hope he will remember that working together is what gets the end result. Does he realize that our children's education and future are at stake?

While I recognize that participation on the school board is voluntary, Mr. Johnson was elected by the community. I would expect the people who voted for him assumed he would pay attention to the biggest decision the Board will face this year -- the bond issue. His comment in the Shawnee Dispatch that "Oh my god, I forgot about Question II," makes me wonder whether he truly wants to be a board member. If not, I'm sure the community would be happy to elect a new member who will work for the good of the children, not his own personal agenda.

He may believe that Question II is "all fluff," and I respect his opinion.

Personally, I think you should ask the high school students who participate in the arts what having a real theater would mean to them before you judge the value of Question II. The high school counselors will tell you that taking part in school activities is key to keeping our kids in school.

Expanding the theaters means expanding the opportunities for participation.

It appears the bond was structured with two separate questions so the most urgent needs could be addressed first. Voters are free to approve Question I and reject Question II if they desire. Even Mr. Johnson said, "I would have voted yes for Question I."

Mr. Johnson, why not change your sign to match your mind? Whose needs will be served by your opposition to the entire bond issue?

Anne Karlin

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