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De Soto residents to see increase in mill levy for 2008

August 16, 2007

The De Soto City Council will complete the local mill levy picture Thursday when it approves the city's 2008 budget.

It now appears residents of De Soto will see total increase in mill levies of from about 1.5 to 2.4 mills depending on where they live.

A public hearing on the De Soto City Council's 2008 budget is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday. The city's published 2008 budget of $3 million would increase the mill levy on that part of De Soto served by the De Soto Fire Department to 27.177 mills or .84 of 1 percent higher than last year.

The city mill levy in that section of the city served by Johnson County Rural Fire District No. 3 stayed virtually unchanged at 17.04.

Should the council approve it as expected, all budgets and mill levies for 2008 affecting local home and business owners will have been sent to the Johnson County's office.

The mill levies in published budgets represent jurisdictions' assessed valuation numbers as of July 1. Those will be further refined before the Johnson County Records and Tax Administration Department releases final mill levy totals in September, although those traditionally don't change much and usually decrease a bit when they do change.

As usual, the heavy hitter in the local mill levy is De Soto USD 232. Earlier this month, the De Soto board approved a 2007-08 budget with a 1.7 mill increase to the district's mill levy, setting it at 71.409 mills. The increased rate will raise about $27.5 million in taxes to support part of the district's $85 million budget.

The third big player in establishing the local mill levy, the Johnson County Commission, approved a $735.8 million 2008 budget that maintained its mill levy at 23.199 mills.

Also affecting all county residents is the mill levy set by Johnson County Community College. The college's board of trustees agreed last month to lower the mill levy by .14 mills, reducing the levy to 8.732 mills from 2007's 8.872 mills. The board reported in a press release that it was able to reduce the mill levy because of increases in state aid and assessed valuation as well as higher income from investments.

The local fire district's proposed 2008 mill levy of 9.503 decreased from 9.677 mills in 2007.

Finally, the De Soto Cemetery Board's 2008 budget maintained the 2007 mill levy.

Re-evaluation will also factor into a change in homeowners tax bills. In March, the Johnson County Appraiser's Office found the average home price in De Soto had increased from $190,423 in 2006 to $200,000, or a 4.68 percent increase.

Using those figures and approved mill levies the tax bill on an average valued home in De Soto for 2008 would be $2,997 compared to $2,800 on the average valued home last year.

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