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Bus rides to be hottest part of school day

August 16, 2007

De Soto students began heading back to school Wednesday and Thursday and although all classrooms in the district are air conditioned, some activities may be limited.

Principals and staff in the district may decide to limit time outside, said community relations director Alvie Cater.

"Our principals and staff are strongly encouraged to monitor all outdoor activities and to end recess with extra time allowed for students to drink plenty of water," he said.

Sport practices also are limited, said Matt Bohm, athletic director and associate principal at Mill Valley High School.

"We do early morning practices as well as late afternoon, early evening practices," Bohm said. "Obviously they take a ton of water breaks as well as a ton of sitting in the shade for breaks. Student safety, athletes safety is obviously our coaches number one concern."

The Kansas State High School Activities Association recommends water breaks two or three times an hour. However, there are no specific guidelines on heat schedules from the KSHSAA, Bohm said.

"It's up to individual districts to decide how they want to handle the heat," he said.

In class, students are allowed to have water in clear bottles.

The most exposure some students might get to heat is on the school buses, district operations and planning director Jack Deyoe said. The only buses with air conditioning are used for longer trips for special cases. An average student will have a warm ride to school this week, he said. Water also is allowed on the buses.

"The biggest problem is loading and unloading because they aren't moving," Deyoe said. "That's the worst time. The buses on the longer routes are going on a higher speed and they get a little wind draft through them."

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